Successful 5.0 activation reports?

Have there been any reports of successful activations yet with the 5.0 SIMs on customer owned phones? I ordered 2 SIMS on the 14th and I now have a shipping notice that they are due to arrive on the 28th. Reading through the forums I don’t think I’ve seen any reports on experiences from anyone that has made it through the activation process successfully. I understand that forums draw those with problems but it would be nice to hear some success reports before trying it myself.


I ordered 1 SIM by 4:23pm EST on December 14th, and after signing up for USPS Informed Delivery, I learned I should be getting my SIM on December 27th.

I intend on activating my SIM the same day I recieve it.

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Got my SIM this morning and going through the process. I’ll wait to put out a full judgment until everything is set up.

I successfully activated a 5.0 SIM yesterday. I did not, however, attempt to move a current Republic number to the 5.0 SIM. I’m very interested in hearing about a successful activation inclusive of moving a current Republic number to the 5.0 SIM.

Hi @dobberrw,

Good question, and I’d love to see some positive reports here, myself!

We are seeing an unusually high number of issues with activation. These include:

Then, of course, there are other issues that we are investigating and we appreciate your extended patience during this difficult and frustrating time.

If you do not have an urgent need to activate your new plan, we would encourage you to wait until things settle down a bit in order to have a smoother experience.

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Wish I had known this before starting the activation journey this morning. Fi already has me ported out, but I’m still waiting on the email confirmation from Republic; I’m in cell limbo until this open-ended process is complete.

Quite frankly, this whole change has not looked good on Republic. The system wasn’t ready for people to actually order SIMs, transfer plans (order a second SIM on a different account??), or activate new ones; it’s like none of this was tested before going live. Nothing has worked to the level that we have come to expect from Republic. It would be expected that, with a new network and plan structure, a significant percentage of current subscribers would jump to the new option, but the system only seems to be prepared for a much slower rate of new-customer signups. (The fact that I have to dig into my APN settings to take advantage of BYOP is another, smaller, irritant.)

The only complaints that I have ever had with Republic is the occasional lack of coverage and that some promos on other carriers were slightly better. Neither really bothered me that much; I have had a very high opinion of Republic. My experience, especially today, is frustrating and distressing because I know that it can be so much better. It has been! Still, despite my wonderful experience up to now, I cannot recommend Republic to anyone until this is solved.



I appreciate your candor, and it’s feedback that is well deserved. We have teams of engineers working around the clock with great urgency to resolve all of these issues, and I hope we’ll soon be in a position of deserving your recommendation once again.

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Unfortunately this is not a positive report. My wife’s old Moto X (1st gen) has a dying battery. I bought her a google pixel 5a to replace it and waited until the store came online again to order SIMS for the new plan (one for her and one for me so we can get the discount). The next day I saw that there were issues with legacy accounts using the new plans, but it was too late. The SIM cards arrived today, and I followed all of the instructions for activating 5.0 SIMS purchased on legacy accounts, but when I clicked submit activation, I received a ‘contact customer care’ message. Still waiting to hear back, but it hasn’t been long and tomorrow is Xmas eve and hopefully/presumably a holiday for support folks, so I’m guessing it’ll be next week.

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This was not stated with nearly as much emphasis as “Look at our new plans and network!” I was unaware that the process wasn’t ready until I was in the middle of it.

I have never had a port take even a single day, which is why I’m frustrated by the current situation. I also don’t have service with anyone, as Fi dropped me like a hot rock within 5 minutes of sending the activation request.

According to the support line, I am stuck in some sort of activation loop on the RW side, and there is no estimate of when this will be solved. Sounds like many people are in the same situation, too. All that’s left to do is wait.

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Success story here, but I didn’t port. My teens are getting phones for Christmas. They’ve never had cell phones. They’re getting our old Moto X4s (not listed on Republic’s fully compatible list, so I really took a gamble here). I received the SIMs yesterday. I activated on a Chrome browser on a laptop. Followed the prompts (if you purchased two lines, you have to insert the cards and activate them at the same time), chose their numbers, and received two e-mails about two minutes later saying both phones were activated and to restart the phones. Restarted the phones, and I knew the activation worked when the time-zone on the phones corrected itself. But it’s so strange not seeing the rainbow arc in the top left corner anymore :(. There’s also no more RW app, so I’m still trying to figure out a way for us see how much data is left on their monthly 1GB plan. So far, calls in and out work, and texts in and out work. Haven’t tried much else, but they’re for teens, and they’re just barely getting their Christmas gifts on time :). My husband and I are waiting for the streamlined process for existing customers before we upgrade to 5.0.


Did you check if WiFi calling worked? (even though not on the WiFi compat list)

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Hmm, sounds like the activation problem is somewhere in the number transfer. Both success stories I’ve seen were new numbers.

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