Sudden loss of cell coverage

I have a 3rd gen Moto G (purchased through Republic Wireless), and live in an area that typically has strong Republic coverage; two days ago, I noticed my phone wasn’t getting any cell signal when not on a wifi network; turning data on, or off, didn’t make a difference (I’m on the .5 GB/month plan). Here’s what I’ve already tried:

-Numerous phone restarts,

-Updating the PRL, wiping the Sprint settings, and updating the profile (this worked for me twice in the past month when my phone showed it had signal, but was been unable to make calls; I found that solution here. This community is absolutely one of the best things about Republic!), and

-Toggling back-and-forth between Airplane mode (another solution I found here on the community page),

All to no avail.

I don’t get any calls, texts, or voicemails when not on wifi, and if I attempt to make a call, I get the immediate message “cellular network not available”. When I’m on wifi, my phone acts completely normal. No matter where I go, etc., I don’t have signal, unless it’s a wifi signal.

Has anyone else experienced this? Any advice for me?

Considering everything you have tried either there is a tower failure or your cell radio has failed. RW can interrogate the tower if they know your exact position. As a last resort you can try a factory reset. Is your phone still under it’s 1-year warranty?

Yes, it’s still under the warranty (barely).

@billg, this is my first formal go-round with the Republic community/help ticket process. Any advice for me on what to do next?

If the problem has persisted after a factory reset request a warranty repair from Motorola at the link below. They will present you with 2 options: 1. They will charge your account, send you a phone, and credit your account when they receive your failed phone -or- 2. You send them your phone, they send you a phone. Clearly the 1st option is the fastest but it does tie up your money for a short time.

Service and Repair - Moto G 3rd Generation

Thanks for the advice! Really appreciate it.

You are welcome. I hope this works out for you. Come back and let us know how it goes.

Well, after doing everything Motorola recommended, and ultimately ordering a warrantied replacement phone, I went on a trip out of town yesterday; as soon as we got about 15 miles out of town, my phone starting working again. So, it looks like there’s a tower issue in my neighborhood.

Any advice on how to notify Republic of the problem?

Since your phone works with the Sprint towers you can give RW support your exact location. They can interrogate the tower that serves your phone to verify whether or not it is working. If it isn’t working they can open a ticket with Sprint.

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No way! That’s great news. Thanks, @billg. You’ve been a big help!

They have done that for me a couple of times in the past. If you are roaming, however, they can’t interrogate the tower.

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