Suddenly can't connect wifi on Moto g5

I have a Moto G5, and have had no issues with it until today. I have the RW plan with 1gig data.

The problem I’m having is it suddenly won’t connect to wifi. Not even my own home wifi. I have disabled and enable the phones wifi from the setup menu, and it will detect and show me available wifi networks. But it pretends to connect to them, and keeps on using my LTE data. When I tell the phone to forget my home network, it does. Then it detects it again, and when I click on my network, (and enter the correct password), it pretends to connect, but doesn’t. My icon on the setup screen remains a question mark. I have disabled cellular data, to ensure anything working is from wifi. I had a 30 minute period where the wifi suddenly worked, then returned to no signal.
Should also add that my home network will show up as SAVED, and the menu will allow me to choose “connect”, but to no avail. On the WIFI screen, my home netowk will simply say “saved”, and will eventually change to “disabled”.

I have:

  1. Turned it on and of again several times.
  2. Disabled and enabled the wifi
  3. Disconnected from the home network, and attempted to reconnect
  4. “Forgot” the home network, rediscovered it, and entered the password
  5. Restarted the router and model
  6. Just upgraded to App version, but was having this issue before I upgraded

Any suggestions?

Where can I find out if my phone is still under the 1 year warranty?

Thanks in advance.


Some questions…
1- what make and model is the WiFi router?
2- Is it provided by your ISP?
3- Have you recently installed any third-party apps?
4- Is your router dual band (2.4GHz + 5GHz)?
5- Is your router close to any cordless devices that use the 2.4GHz frequency.
6- Do you have a lot of neighbors in close proximity to your living space.

Some routers are troublesome.
If ISP provided, you can work with them to troubleshoot.
Third-party apps can often cause unexpected issues.
If router is dual-band, try connecting to the 5GHz band. It may have less interference from neighboring WiFi signals or cordless phones.
If there are a lot of neighboring WiFi signals on the same WiFi channel that yours is on, interference can be an issue. Try moving your WiFi signal to a less crowded channel (1, 6 or 11). Use the WiFi Analyzer app to see what chanel your WiFi is on and if there are numerous neighboring WiFi signals on the same channel.


Thank you ! You hit the nail on the head. I have a NetGear G wireless router (old, but it works). I factory reset it, and the phone magically had wifi access again. I reset the router password and Network name, entered the password in the phone and we’re good to go. Can’t tell you how happy I am not having to do a factory reset on the phone!!


Glad you’re up to speed again!

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‘It works’ … the important thing.
However, a bit of fyi info:
802.11G specification and technology dates back to 2003, and it only includes the 2.4Ghz band of radios. With the increased usage of WiFi by many device types and the number of users per household this band is getting very crowded. Often improvements can be made by carefully choosing a channel within the 2.4Ghz range that is the best available … there are only 3 available channels (1/6/11) that don’t overlap or interfere with other adjacent channels. The max theoretical speed available is 54Mbps and often this can’t be obtained. The number and performance of devices that can successfully operate can be limited.
Suggested to-do’s
Check out WiFi 1st - Maximize your WiFi/Router - Community Guide this was developed based on feedback from many user issues encounterd by those of us in the Republic Community.

  • In your case, I would specifically encourage a periodic (say monthly) Power Cycle of your network as outlined in the Quick Start section of the guide.

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