Suddenly Google Ads are popping up

As this past Monday, my wife’s Moto E4 plus has been having ads popping up on her main screen. They are happening on wi-fi and cellular service.

She hasn’t downloading any new apps in a couple of months. Just from the recent updates to her apps, I don’t see any that should be ad-related. For example, the one game she has on phone updated before Christmas.

I’ve cleared cache, gone through Chrome settings to block sites that have notification access, check app settings for background access and notification access.

When an ad popped up yesterday, I clicked on triangle that is in the upper right corner, and turned off the Google’s “personalize ads”. In my search, I had found that this was supposed to stop pop-ups.

Is anyone else experience this sudden rash of pop-up ads? I’m not getting this on my Nexus 6P.


This can start suddenly when a previously downloaded app receives an update. You can be sure it is caused by a downloaded app by seeing if it happens in Safe Mode where only native apps are operable.

I’m sorry to say that doesn’t stop ads. It does the following:

  1. Tells us that whatever app is displaying the ads is using the Google Ad Engine
  2. You’ve now turned off personalization. That means the ads won’t use your Google history to decide what ads to show you, but other than being less relevant, it won’t stop the ads.
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