Suddenly no mobile connection, phone says 'this SIM is disabled'?!

Motorola 7 Play. Phone works OK usually/sometimes (I’m plagued with weak wi-fi access).

All of a sudden when I tried to make a call, I can’t even connect to mobile network (screen notification says ‘Cellular network is not available for voice calls’). Phone notification (network & Internet) says ‘this SIM is disabled’?!

I never touched a thing. What’s going on?

Update: I cannot make a phone call even with a good wi-fi connection. Notification: ‘Cellular network not available for voice calls’ ?!
Mobile network: ‘This SIM is disabled’ ?!


Hi @davidh.66j1ud,

I read through the handful of tickets we’ve had on this matter (only 3, ever with this particular error message) looking for clues to help you with this, but could not find a definite solution.

We’ve sent replacement SIM cards, only to see the error persist.
One member picked up the phone and saw the phone suddenly complete an activation process and go back to working. There was no obvious reason why.

I’ve reviewed your SIM card’s status, and according to T-Mobile, it is active and in use. There is nothing on our end to suggest that the card has been disabled. (This was also true for the other three people who’ve experienced this.)

Here are some things I’d try:

If the issue persists, please share screenshots of the error messages you mentioned earlier.

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Hi. Thanks very much for your suggestions. I’ll give them a try over the weekend and let you know what happens.



Thanks again for your help. Last night the phone shut itself down, and I realised the battery had been critically low for some time. Following a full recharge, the SIM error hasn’t reappeared, and as of this morning I can make calls again. Surprised if a low battery would/might have caused this(?) but happy it’s working again (for now).
Will advise if there are any further issues.

–thanks, and have a great weekend.


At extremely low battery levels the phone may put itself in extreme saver mode which shuts down cellular data and deep sleeps apps, and causes all sorts or weird things to happen. I’m not saying it WAS the cause, but it is entire plausible that it COULD HAVE been the cause.


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