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I’m new to Republic and generally happy. I think the voicemail handling could use some improvement though.

It is very easy to have unheard voicemails that you are not aware of. This can happen if: 1) you get a voicemail while you are already on the phone - in this case you get a one-time audible sound but no notification banner; 2) you dismiss the notification and forget about it; or 3) you click on the notification but don’t listen to the voicemail (or you listen to the wrong voicemail).

There should be some persistent visual indication on the screen that you have unheard messages. Maybe a little red number, similar to the one that tells you how many unread emails you have. Or maybe an icon (no number) that indicates you have at least one unheard voicemail. Unlike the new voicemail notification, these would not go away until you actually listen to the voicemail. And so you would always know whether you have unheard messages, just by looking for the icon.

Even my old flip-phone could do this, it must be possible for these smartphones.


Hi @peterm.apcmv6

Great post. It would be very helpful to the community to know which device you are using. On my MXP, I always have a notification until I dismiss it or swipe it away.

I can always check voicemail through the native dialer via the :voicemail: tab.


Hi @peterm.apcmv6,

If I’m correctly grasping what you’re suggesting, you’d like the Phone app’s icon badged when there is voicemail received. Have you by chance used Apple’s iOS in the past? If I’m barking up the right tree what you ask for is not something Republic would be able to deliver. Icon badging is a function of the phone not Republic’s service.

By default (and unlike iOS) Android doesn’t badge app icons. Some manufacturer’s (Samsung and Huawei among them) emulate Apple’s iOS and do so. It’s also something that can be added by a third party launcher such as this one:

You’d need this add-on as well:


I’m using the Galaxy J3 2017.

I actually do get notifications of a new voicemail (most of the time - unless I’m on the phone when it comes). But I have missed voicemails because they came when I was on the phone and didn’t give me a notification. And it is also easy to dismiss and forget, or dismiss by mistake, the notification and miss the voicemail that way.

So I would like something graphical that tells me I have a voicemail and doesn’t go away until I actually listen to it.


Hi @rolandh

You are correct, I would like a badge to appear with an unread counter for voicemail. I don’t even care if it badges the phone app - it could badge the Republic app for all I care, I just want to know when I have unread voicemail.

Thanks for the TeslaCoil links you sent, it seems like this might work.

I do think Republic could find a way to support this, lots of apps including the Android Messages for SMS, Samsung Email for emails, and the phone app for missed calls show badges/counters.

Another alternative would be a small indicator up by the wifi and battery meter. It wouldn’t even need a counter, just a binary indicator that tells you if there are unheard voicemails. As long as the indicator stays until I actually listen to the voicemail.


I’m using the Ascend. Sister who has a Samsung J7 has a voicemail icon which makes it very easy to check her voicemail.
The Republic Anywhere is very clunky, having to notice a red font on a call, and a tiny little voicemail icon in the calls list.
I made a contact in my list for Voicemail in order to access the calls, but always have to input a PW.
This entire process is extremely inefficient and time consuming.
Is there an app which would improve this which is compatible w/ Anywhere?
I am considering a different carrier over this issue.
Thank you!


Perhaps, you might clear up some confusion for me? Calling in Republic Anywhere is only available for those who are beta testers. Beta tester or not, it’s not necessary to use Republic Anywhere for calling.

Why not simply use the Ascend’s native Phone app? The Ascend’s native Phone app provides a notification that may be accessed by swiping down from the top of the phone’s screen. This is typical Android phone behavior. Additionally, the Ascend’s native Phone app can be configured to badge its icon when a call is missed. To do so:

  1. Long press (press and hold) on a home screen.
  2. Tap More settings.
  3. Tap Badge app icons.
  4. Toggle Dialer on.

True, dialing in requires use of a password. There are ways to access voicemail without dialing in. Please see this contributed by fellow Community members for how: Alternate ways to check voicemail.


I am a bit confused. You mention voicemail and Anywhere in the same breath. How are they related? Anywhere is for text messaging at this time not voicemail.


Thanks. I was confused by calling the Ascend phone dialer “Anywhere.” Novice user. So it’s the Ascend phone app I’m not crazy about.


Thank you so much for an excellent response despite my lack of knowledge and clarity. I was getting Republic’s Anywhere app confused w/ the Ascend’s phone dialer app. So it’s the phone’s app I’m not crazy about. And especially thanks for the link to “Alternate ways to check voicemail.” I think that is really going to help. And I’ll attempt your instructions for badging the phone app’s icon. Of course I wasn’t calling in the Anywhere app, but was using the Ascend’s native phone app [in your words] and your response helped clear that up for me immediately. Obviously a novice user here. Thanks so much!

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