Suggestion: Accepting PayPal for Payments


Just a quick suggestion to the admins:

Adding an option to the republic app to pay with PayPal would be awesome. Not a big deal that you currently don’t, but the PayPal credit feature is awesome for those of us who don’t have any other credit lines.

Just a thought.

I want to give a shout-out as well out to @southpaw I really appreciate the welcome gift and the warm welcome to the community. Best customer service / support I’ve ever had with any service!


please see this tip


Hi @TribalMethods,

Thank you for the kind words. We’re glad you’re here.

We are aware that our members would like to use Paypal as a payment method, and we have a team that continues to explore making that possible. I’ve sent along your suggestion just as a reminder that it’s still something people want.

If others here “like” your suggestion, that will also give us a sense that this would be a well-used and appreciated addition to our payment method options.


I actually use Paypal to pay my Republic account, I just use my Paypal Debit Card.


Is your PayPal account a business account? I do the same, however, as far as I know PayPal only issues its debit card on a PayPal business account.


It is, but as you point out in your Alternative Payment Methods post, turning a personal account in to a business account is pretty trivial.


I think I know that: Alternative Payment Methods. Just wanting the process to be clear for the OP, should they choose to go that route.


I had a PayPal debit card when I had a PayPal student account. I canned it when I got old enough to have my own PayPal account as the student account was severely limited.


Love me some Pay Pal. Their latest Pay Pal credit offers 6 months interest free payments. I have made this same suggestion, especially concerning buying a new phone. Instead of having to go through affirm, use PP Credit. More and more folks will discover this soon and I think it will increase RW phone sales.


My PayPal account is a normal account, not a business account. However, you cannot get a card that is linked to your PayPal Credit Account.

I rarely have money in my normal PayPal balance, so having a debit card linked to it would be pointless.
I have a debit card that is linked to my bank. But occasionally it’s nice to be able to use my PayPal credit account for small bills here and there if I’m tight on funds. Or like Scott said later on in this thread, for buying phones through RW. He has a good point there. PayPal credit is awesome because their policy’s are very fair, and no matter how terrible your credit is, they’ll generally let you open an account.