Suggestion: Add Data without full password

Two things about me:

  • I never use mobile data
  • I keep complex/secure passwords in a database on my computer.

During a recent power failure, I would have liked to add mobile data to my phone. However, to do this I had to log into my Republic account inside the app – but, of course, I could not get to my complex / secure password because my computer/internet was without power! I thought about keeping a copy of my Republic password in a discreet place on the phone, but that’s hard to maintain over time and not secure enough for my tastes.

My one single use case for mobile data was thwarted!

So a suggestion: Make it possible to add data with less authentication than a full password login. Perhaps with a PIN. Or better, with a pre-authorized limited increment (“allow this phone to add 2 gby of mobile data one time per month on demand”). To go beyond that pre-authorized increment, the full password login would be required.

Hi @EdInPa and welcome to the Members Community.

I use KeePass on my computer and KeePass-Droid on my phone. They use the same database and are encrypted (of course). Yes, I have to copy the database between devices when I make changes to keep them sync’ed, but that’s easy enough. Database is stored locally on the device, no cloud to worry about. This way I never travel without a copy of my entire Password database and I always have a backup copy. Never know what account I might need a password for that I don’t remember :thinking:

Not sure if you use anything like that on your computer for your database. Something to think about :grinning: I’m more comfortable having the full authentication in place and simply looking up and entering the required e-mail address and password in the RW app to add data. Something easily done with KeePass.

I’m sure others will have some comments too!


Thanks, Freddy. I am in the paranoid minority who don’t trust our phones as far as we can throw them. The app spying situation in Android is outrageous, and the last thing I would want is every single one of my passwords on a device where any crappy app can monitor my keystrokes, grab my master password and unlock the database. I don’t even let my phone on my main home wifi, it uses the guest network – internet only, thank you very much. It is true that this really limits what I can do with the phone! No banking and no email, for instance.

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