Suggestion: Add Signal as a supported messaging app

Hello! After doing a bit of searching it seems here is the place to make suggestions and requests, so here’s mine. My subject also had to be 15 characters and the word suggestion is only 10 so I had to get creative.

I was wondering if Republic could add Signal as a supported messaging app? The lack of a secure messaging option is a serious concern to me and is probably the biggest reason I would consider switching to another carrier.

I don’t trust Google, and while I have no reason not to trust Republic, Anywhere doesn’t offer e2e encryption, and Signal does.


While not officially supported, @rolandh has included Signal in the “Known to Work” messaging apps in this Tips & Tricks article:

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Oh, that’s great! Thank you!

Do be aware that Signal messages use data so to send/receive those when not on wifi you’ll need to be sure that you have both purchased data and it is turned on.

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Hi @Anomnomnomymous,

In addition to @louisdi’s correct point regarding use of data when exchanging messages with other Signal users, please note messages are end-to-end encrypted only when exchanging messages with other Signal users.

No messaging client (Android or iOS) is end-to-end encrypted when using SMS (regular text messaging) or MMS (picture and group messaging). Neither SMS or MMS offers encryption.


Thanks for the heads up. I was already aware, but that’s good to know

Yeah, I am aware of that. That’s just an unfortunate technical limitation. Most of my friends and family use Signal though so that’s not a problem for me

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