Suggestion: Being able to pick your new phone number in the App


Just a quick suggestion I’ve been meaning to post.

I did search beforehand as I thought for-sure this must have already been mentioned, but I couldn’t find any posts where it was.

Every other cell service provider I’ve ever had has given the option of picking from a few random phone numbers when you sign up for a pre-paid/normal cellphone plan. I was very surprised when I did not get to pick my new # and was automatically assigned one. Not that it mattered much to me, but since all the competition offer the small convenience, why not RW?


Although the system automatically assigns a number at activation, you can use the “Change Number” functionality to change your number and at that time select the area code and first three digits of the number.


Hi @TribalMethods,

I’ll revisit this topic with our engineers, but the last I heard, the way numbers are assigned to us (as a company), we have no control that would allow for us to let you pick the last four digits.


I’ll add, the first two times one changes their number with Republic as described by @louisdi, there is no charge for doing so. Details are here: Change My Phone Number – Republic Help.

I understand and respect you are making a request for a feature enhancement with Republic. That said; in case you or anyone else reading wants more control over number choice and is willing to go to some additional trouble, one might obtain a number from Google Voice or NumberBarn, then transfer that number to Republic. Google Voice numbers are free but require a one-time $3 fee paid to Google not Republic to unlock for transfer out. Obtaining a number from NumberBarn is not free (price varies on perceived desirability of the number) but no charge to transfer out.


Ahh yes, I should have assumed that there was a reason you guys had not already implemented that feature.

Thank you for the information. I know other people I refer to RW will definitely put it to use. I personally am not picky about my number :smile:


My thought is most of these folks would want to bring the number they already have? Either way when planning to transfer a number to Republic, one will want to verify it will indeed transfer. That’s done here: Switch to Republic | Republic Wireless. Just scroll about halfway down the page. It’s wise to check, particularly if one might be going to the expense of obtaining a number specifically for transfer to Republic.

@southpaw is one of the “guys” as in staff, I am not. Like you, I am another customer merely providing some information I hope might be helpful to some. :slightly_smiling_face: