Suggestion box: How to delete voice mail without listening to them

I get a lot of robocalls. Unless I have a ringtone set up for a contact, I ignore my “standard” ringtone, because I assume it to be a robocall. More recently, robocalls have started leaving voicemails. Lots of them. On my old phone I could look at “recent calls” and see an icon for a voicemail, along with its associated phone number, and just delete the voicemail, right from the contacts app.
But with my new(er) Republic phone, I have to call voicemail and listen to the call before hitting 7 to delete. I also have to listen to the call history description that the voicemail reads to me, and I can’t skip it, like I do with other phones. What a huge waste of time! It’s getting to the point where having a cell phone at all wastes more time than it saves.
I see that there are other community posts asking for a way to delete all calls, and the “solution” is to save at least 50 calls, and then open a help ticket. In other words, there’s no solution (but I see the threads are marked “closed” and “solved”)
So, does Republic have a suggestion box? How many times does this problem come up before Republic solves this problem?

Hi @oldnoah and welcome to the Community!

Republic compatible phones offer visual voicemail from which voicemails may be deleted without listening. The method of accessing visual voicemail varies with the phone. Please see if this helps:

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Ok. I’ve noticed that in my recents file I see the voicemail icon, but I’ve never been able to figure out how to use it to delete the actual voicemail. Perhaps this is why:
Step 1 tap voicemail with icon
Step 2 tap details
Step 3 DON’T tap the 3 dots and then tap delete, because this can delete a contact that you want to keep if you’re deleting a voicemail from someone you know.
Step 4 scroll down to the call with the voicemail icon and tap (this is true if you’re deleting a voicemail from someone you know, I don’t know if it’s necessary if you’re deleting a call from someone not on your contacts list, because I called myself to test it out).
Step 5 tap delete.
Step 6 select voicemail from the list
Step 7 tap delete again.

Probably less time intensive than listening to the entire voicemail, but not nearly as efficient as it was on my previous phone, where I could simply open the recents list, tap the voicemail, and tap delete. Done.

So, okay, it can be done. And for all the people that have asked how to delete voicemails in bulk, it’s an alternative to saving 50 voicemails and then opening a help ticket. Someone should mention that the next time someone opens a new thread. Is it possible to add this answer to the threads that are previously closed, since that’s what people will find when they google the question?

Hi @oldnoah,

I appreciate your interest in making sure people looking for an answer have the answer they need.

It’s not good Community practice to “bump” a whole bunch of old topics with the same answer. It leaves the Community in disarray and sends E-mails to people who may not even still be with us.

What I can do, though, is some Community housekeeping. I can take some time to search for voicemail questions and mark them as “outdated” and pull them from public view so they’ll eventually fall out of Google’s search results.

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