SUGGESTION / FEATURE REQUEST: web-based voicemail access & voicemail PIN access

I hope this is the place to turn in suggestions and future requests. I asked in a support chat, and the link I was given led to this community forum. If this is the wrong place, I would appreciate anyone being able to forward this to the right place, and/or telling me.

Suggestion/feature request: it would be great if Republic wireless made it possible to listen to voicemail through a webpage. And it would be great if Republic wireless made it possible to change the voicemail PIN through our account settings via a web page.

(My problem right now is that I forgot my voicemail PIN, since I never have to enter it on my phone. And my phone battery swelled up and has to be replaced, but none are available locally, so I have to wait five days for one to arrive [even via Amazon prime]. There is absolutely no way for me to reset my voicemail pin. Right now, a user’s PIN can only be changed via the RW app running on their own phone. And so I don’t have a phone, and I cannot check my voicemail while I don’t have my phone.)


For the same reason, I would also like to have the ability to turn on Voicemail Call Forwarding from the account portal, and not just from the phone. Then if my phone goes dead, I could at least have the calls forwarded to a different number.


It would be very nice to have a RW web based interface to listen to and download VM.
However, this service already exists and is free to use, its Google Voice.
But it requires setup like forwarding your RW VM to Googles.

I am just glad RW support VVM right in the Google Phone app.
I can not stand or even understand why some other carriers still do not have this and make you call into listen to VMs. (Sprint…cough)

Hi @toric.ofllce,

Sorry to see that you’ve had to have your phone replaced, leaving you without access to voicemail for a few days. This is a need we’re aware of, and voicemail settings or voicemail access in the Account portal is a very good idea for a variety of situations. I have made sure the right team is aware this is still a request our members are making.

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