Suggestion for improvement in RW app

In the RW app, when I bring it up and swipe left to the CELL DATA screen there is some useful info lacking. I see amount used, amount left, days left. But translating between MB left and days left is math that I can only roughly approximate in my head. Much more meaningful to me would be percentages. So, in addition, I would like to see more like: You have 80.2% data left, and 75.6% time left. Or, tell me percent used of data and time. Maybe throw in: you have X MB per day, you are using Y MB per day.

If you think that would make the screen too busy, then add more data to the display that comes up when you hit the thumbs-up icon. But, please, provide that data in a way that makes faster sense at a glance.

And another thing: The usage graphs do not include any numeric value for the Y axis. So, I see vertical bars, but nothing in terms of turning those into approx. amounts. So, again, not nearly as useful informationally as could be. Please add some scale, like show where 1, 5, or 10 MBs is, given the particular data being displayed.

This is all easy stuff that would make the app more useful, at least to me…


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