Suggestion for new screen widget?

I came from TracFone plan and they had a 4x2 widget that showed minutes data texts updated by their app. That would be very helpful with data usage displayed with rw. I wondered if there is any widget like that here? A similar thing I might do? Thanks!


There isn’t such a thing today and it’s a great suggestion.

Guess I am not understanding the need for a Widgit like TracFone provides? On Republics service, both Calls and Texts are unlimited and do not count against the purchased data. (and I will admit that I am unfamiliar with what the TracFone Widgit actually does … so will someone educate me please?)

The first screen you see when you open the R.W. apps is the Data Usage circle.
I think what they are saying is they would like to see that as a Home Screen Widgit.

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The widget would display the amount of data you have remaining on your plan. Rather than having to open the Republic App it would be on your homescreen like any other widget.


Exactly. And maybe days left in month until I would need to buy data again.

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