Suggestion, Phone Silent for only Fixed Time

I hope this gets to the right people. I would like to suggest that phones be programmed so the user can turn them silent for only a fixed, user selected, time. Then they should turn themselves back to the non-silent mode. It is easy to forget to turn them back on after church, a movie, etc. In fact at the moment we cannot find my wife’s phone though we know it is somewhere in the house. She forgot to turn it back to the sound mode after church and it seems to be very good at hiding.

You can set the “Do not disturb” function to last for a specified period of time.

You may have luck finding the phone by looking at:

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Hi @hlillywh,

Could you tell us what kind of phone you have? Someone may be able to give you exact instructions to set this up like you’d like.

The find-your-phone feature @cbwahlstrom linked above will ring most phones even when the phone is silenced.

If your wife’s phone is compatible, and she frequently misplaces it, we’d be glad to send her a Moto KeyLink. Some of our members wrote about trying them, here: Motorola Keylink

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She has a Moto G (not sure which model). I think she would appreciate the Moto KeyLink whatever that is.

I cannot find anything reasonable at @cbwahlstrom, is that an incomplete link?

This is the link;

I use the built in Do Not Disturb. Only Alarms will override this.
Had to set this as I got tired of being woken up super early by pesky texts or notifications from things.

At that link I get, “No phones or tablets could be found”

I suspect that is because neither of us has shared our phone numbers with google for privacy reasons.

Hi @hlillywh,

Sorry, I dropped a word and my sentence didn’t make sense, when I was trying to reference the link that had been shared previously. :see_no_evil:

If you have a Google account synced on your phone, then you would sign in with the same Google account to find your phone. You don’t have to give Google your phone number.

Do you mind if I look at your account and see which version of the Moto G your wife has, and post that information publicly? If our Community knows what phone you have, they may be able to write up step-by-step instructions so you can silence the phone during church, exactly as you had hoped.

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My wife’s google account is not synced to her phone. I tried to sync it but of course that requires a code that they sent to, guess what, the phone we can’t find.

Once we find the phone we can post the exact model here and somebody can probably help with the silencing.

I’m so sorry! I didn’t understand that the phone was still lost!

I don’t suppose you have location turned on? You might be able to determine whether the phone made it home from church by looking at its last location on:

It just occurred to me that if somebody knows the approximate range of bluetooth, that might help narrow the location down. If my wife’s car is in the garage and we turn the key on, the phone works through the car via bluetooth. If she takes the car a couple of blocks away, it does not work. If bluetooth range is less than our whole house that would at least reduce the area to search.

Modern bluetooth range is approx 30ft.

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I hope you find the phone soon (it sounds like it should be near you garage or driveway (as @SpeedingCheetah states normal Bluetooth is around 30ft but it could be a little bit more or less depending on interference)

as for how to set Do not disturb mode differs by device
for legacy phones (Moto X1, X2, E1, E2, G1, G3) one starts by adjusting volume and if one does not have options for “none” (circle with a slash) , “Priority” (star) or “Normal” (bell/vibrations) below the volume slider then tap the bell or vibration symbol and this will bring up those options, tapping none or Priority will give option for until manually turn off, or by timer {15min, 30min, 45min, 1hr, 2hr, 3hr, etc…} .

for 3.0 phones (6.0 and above) Google made it easier to do though the quick setting

Or Apps you set as an exception, or contacts you set as an exception or the find my phone feature.

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