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I think Republic Wireless should open the first “Republic Wireless Bank and Trust”.
I would like to buy say… 10GB of RW Gold Stock Data. This RW Gold Data would be kept in a Super Secure RW Data Vault reserve account. When I am traveling and using boatloads of data and my normal 1GB runs out of data, RW will open the Vault and take out a One GB Bar of RW Gold to top off my working data account. This reserve data is different from my monthly data in that it does not expire at the end of the month. Any balances of this RW Gold Data remains in my data account or the Super Secure RW Vault for future use.
This plan would ease the stress of having to conserve data when I am traveling. The process would be automatic and we would never run out of data, while saving us on a high priced plan. RW would have a huge Vault of prepaid Gold Data Bars In reserve. RW could make Gold Data Bars available in RW Crates of 1GB, 5GB…

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an interesting concept,

but what Price are you willing to pay for this “Gold” class of data (non expiring) ?
as this data does not expire there would be no breakage (similar to the data refund) it would not cost the same as the My choice data of $5, and more along the cost of $15 per GB .

Will there be a requirement to have data purchased to allow access to the data bank? (if so then there no benefit to low data users)
I for one would just buy the next GB of data though the My Choice plan’s data add on ($5 per GB) if I run out of data unless this could be done for close to the $5 mark

I don’t know if there a business plan that would allow this to work (Republic can not lose out as if they did they would not be around to have value in that data



Honestly It would be better to put the money that would go into populating this data vault into a savings account for emergencies. Technically speaking a proper emergency fund consists of an entire months pay (which is nigh impossible for most people) but even a small amount can help a lot when you need it.



Interesting concept. I like it.



This would be a great marketing concept. Many of the RW family would like the peace of mind, having a bank of data available without going to the RW store and buying a pound of GB. It would be delivered to them automatically when they run out.
The users would continue to use data at a pace higher than usual when they are involved with a project they need data.
I am sure we all have cut back on data use when our limit is approaching fast on our billing cycle. This way we would say, I will keep using data and RW will withdraw a GB from my Gold Data stock, On refill, we use our new non rollover data first then start using the Gold Data. Gold Data is valuable as it never disappears. RW has Tons of cash from prepaid Gold Deposits.
This would be a real attention grabber and attract lots of new subscribers.



This is not a change to the plans in place now, Only to the added data. Upping the value of the extra data. This is data you buy and not use until you need it. Great for subscribers peace of mind, great for RW to sell a few GBs to every subscriber. There could be limited buying windows to restock your account.
This could have cute marketing promotions. Join the RW family now and we will deposit 1GB into your RW Data Bank. Or Restock your Gold Data next week and Buy Ten GB Bars and Get One Free… Send a friend or family member to RW and Get 1GB for your account and one for your friend or family member…



this does not address the cost of the data just how much are you willing to pay per GB for this “Gold” data? as I stated early this is non expiring data which is the same as rollover or refund and therefore no breakage to reduce the cost, and would be more in line with the $15 per GB .
What would happen to the data if a member leaves, would this be per line or per account?

who many people will pay $10-15 per GB now to use at a later time when data cost are $5 per GB now and will be then also?

What is the Business plan that makes allows Republic not to lose Money, while growing (a business not growing will not be in business very long)
this would make sense only for the low data user (sub 300 MB) who would buy a GB and use it over the next 3 or 4 months (assuming that a Data plan was not required before gaining access to this data)

Personal I would agree with @Burusutazu just put the extra $5-$10 in a bank account every month until you need it as this (why have Republic earn interest on this)

This is just my opinion (as I have no say in Republic plans as I’m not employed by them) Not saying this idea and that Republic shouldn’t look into it just that I’m not seeing the workable business plan

Please remember one of the reasons given on why the Refund plan is not offer was due to complexity and getting potential customers to sign up



It would require changes to the plan. Would you expect RW to give you a refund for your banked 10GB of data if walking to another provider?

Good utopian concept but it couldn’t be done with a wave of a hand and without somebody paying a price.

The My Choice plan’s greater flexibility and lower data prices should have eased the stress you mentioned for most members. You are aware that one or more GB of data can now easily be added at any time during your billing cycle eliminating the need to upgrade your plan to add data? For members who may forget to plan ahead they can usually have another GB of data in under 5 minutes.

For the suggested type of add-on to work for the provider the price of data needs to increase, then some significant changes to the data tracking and billing systems need to be made. Adding a data bank or changing to rollover type plan would also complicate their accounting and add another another personal bank account for members to worry about I doubt many members would see the benefits and would be willing to pay 50-100% more per GB of data just to be banked for a rainy day that probably won’t come. Banks need more than a few customers to justify opening.

IMO one of RW’s best features is the simplicity of the pricing structure without possibly confusing options or add-ons. I can see RW adding the “basic” throttled data after paid data runs out in the future to remain more competitive. That’s more likely to happen than adding a data bank or rollovers and should eliminate much of your stress…



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