Suggestions for replacement for older phone

Looking to replace an older phone, prefer a smaller not too expensive phone that can be purchased from RW.

As you ponder the availability of a replacement phone, here is the link to Detailed Supported Phone Features, a side by side comparison table of key features including screen and overall size (This is provided and maintained by fellow Republic Wireless community members.


Hi @bonnieh.71i8en,

If this phone is for you or someone in your household or neighborhood, we really need you on a phone that supports our partnership with Sprint, and right now our online store is fresh out of any such phones that meet your other criteria.

I’d encourage you to consider this one, instead, and if you get it, I’ll send you the SIM card it needs:

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Sorry but no. I read the reviews on Amazon.

Bonnie, You’ve got expectations that likely can’t be met. In the “not too expensive” category by far, the best phone right now is the Moto X4 (It launched and sold well as a $450+ phone for quite a while). You could go spend a bit more and get the Moto G6, which is nearly identical phone. Outside of those, everything else is inferior unless you’re willing to spend quite a bit more.

I know you previously mentioned running an online business, do you use your phone for business purposes? What kind of usage? That might help us make a better recommendation. (I’m curious! What’s the business?)

Sorry I should have been more clear. It is for our daughter who works 80 plus hours a week and does not have time to shop for a newer phone. She lives 2 hours from us. So, I am looking for her. While she is not looking for the cheapest, the G6 is affordable for her.
I did look at the link Jenb posted and the G6 would be perfect for her but it says it is “out of stock” Did I wrongly assume that they will not be getting more? I have the G6 and hubby has my old G5Plus

Since she lives in a different area, can you share a ZIP code or city/state so that we can look up coverage with different phones in that area.

No, Republic will not be getting more G6’s they’re a discontinued model (replaced by G7). You can still get them a few places that still have inventory. Specifically, Motorola still has them:

Zip code is XXXXX

She’s going to want a phone with the CDMA partner as well so the previous recommendations stand.

I sent her a text with the information on the G6 Thank you so much for your help. I did edit to change it to G6, sorry for the error

Hi @bonnieh.71i8en,

The G7 is not currently recommended in her area due to coverage concerns. We are more than a month away from being able to offer coverage in her area for any of the G7 series.

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Did you mean G6?

Yes, I am sorry I meant G6

Sorry I did mean G6 and not G7. Should have proof read my reply.

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