Summer Vacation Plans and Photos Here!


Hello everyone!

Probably all of us can’t wait for our summer vacation(s). I know I can’t! Share your exotic (or not so exotic ) vacation plans and photos here. Let’s see how jealous y’all can make us :wink: .


I will start it off. Me and my family are going up to Pigeon Forge in two weeks for a few days. Towards the end of the summer, we are planning to go to Washington DC. Not that exotic, but it’s something!


Let me know when you’re in DC, maybe we can meet for a cold one. (It’s hot here during the summer!)


Hehehe… I can let you know, but I don’t drink (and I am underage) :wink: .


what is this word “vacation”???



I live at my vacation destination. So far I’ve cleaned out my pontoon boat and serviced it’s motor. Yesterday I bought my fishing license. Next week I’ll push the dock and lift into the lake and launch the pontoon. Here’s what it looks like now:


We had a late spring. Ice went out 4 days ago.


Getting a job. No school work is vacation enough for me.


That is definitely true! I will be working this summer (part time) too. Next summer I will be looking for an internship.


Our family decided to finally travel outside the country and visit Europe. Since this is the first time traveling to Europe, we decided to go on a guided vacation. We went though Costco Travel whom partnered with Trafaglar. We went with their sister company Cost Saver so the tour is Glimpse of Europe (ending in Paris)

Long trip (images from the website):


Wow! Now that’s a trip! So you are going to go on this or you already have?


Me and my family are going at end of the month. We’re still trying to gather things together (foreign currency, travel adapters, packing cloths, etc)

They say there should be wifi on the bus and hotels so we may be ok with our service. Or at least texting.


Ok. Have fun! Take some pictures and share them with us!


I always wanted to take a train ride in Europe or Japan. It just seems like something that would be a affordable and easy way to see the landscape. Will any of it be by train?


My trip doesn’t have any train, (it does have a brief boat ride / cruise). I just did a quick search and there are some groups focused on trail travel. Trafaglar (the company I’m using now) have some packages but the prices get up there.


A few weeks ago I went to Germany, my first international trip too! It was lovely and peaceful. Lots of Hops, too!