Sunset of Sprint 3G

Can’t find any discussions on when my Moto X2 phone will be obsolete (some might say it has been for a while), so I’m posting this question to see if RW has any back-end info as to when Sprint/T-Mobile will be scheduling the shutdown of their 3G network.

I have a second phone that is on the AT&T network and just received a “heads-up” notice that they will be shutting down 3G in the near future and I should begin looking for a new phone.

A search of the web reveals maybe 2021 or 2022, but but the history of both Sprint and T-Mobile is that they have been much more flexible over time with their network migrations, unlike Verizon.

My Moto X2 has survived a screen replacement and is ready for its second battery replacement, so I want to hold out as long as I can before adding my phone as another brick in the wall of scrap electronics.

Hi @mastedon,

There have been a few. :slightly_smiling_face: Though most of us here (myself included) are fellow members (Republic likes to call customers members) rather than Republic staff, I’m confident when Republic has such information to share they will do so. What I’ve seen suggests something in the 2021-2022 timeframe but that’s by no means definitive. To date, T-Mobile (who now owns it) has made no definitive announcement regarding the future of Sprint’s network.

Indeed, and AT&T rightly took some flak for that notice. On its own website, AT&T says it’s “phasing out” its 3G network by February of 2022. While providing a heads up is to their credit, someone more cynical might say providing it in an email that initially failed to mention the timing of February 2022 was premature at best.

This is a tough call. While not adding to the pile of no longer used electronics is admirable, any battery one were to source for a Moto X2 would be multiple years old itself even if never used. The Moto X2 was released in 2014. Motorola hasn’t manufactured new batteries for several years now and I don’t know of a third party doing so.

The reality is eventually 3G networks like 1 and 2G networks before them will eventually cease to operate. When Republic has information to share regarding the timing of any impact to its members, they’ll let us know. Meanwhile, it’s status quo.

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