Super Slow LTE on GSM MPLS 55426

I recently noticed, that ever since the March 2020 Pixel update on my Pixel 3, my LTE data speeds are extremely slow and make video streaming impossible. I was out and trying to load my folks remote cameras and it refused to connect, and any other app that need decent bandwith, like Youtube refused to connect. Works fine on wifi.

Speedtest app shows ping 73ms, Jitter 12ms, Loss 3%
Down tops out at 6Mbps, and up 0.40Mbps.

LTE signal is a tad lower than usual, -108dBm…it does go up a bit when I step outside, and speed test improve slightly. But it is still no where near what it should be.

I’ll have to test out my mothers Moto G7 Play on LTE when I can, if her phone is same, then it has to be a local network tower issue I would think, and not the update to my phone.
Normal speeds for me on LTE GSM TM is 40+ down and 20+ up… (at home and near by me)

I have tried rebooting, refreshing the activation, toggle air plane mode on then off.
I have 955MB of data left.

I ran an speed test on my mother Moto G7 Play on LTE, and it gets slightly better speeds of about 8megs down/ .6 up…

So most certainly seems to be a TM network issue in my area of zip 55426.
Or the RW MVNO aspect is being heavy throttled for some reason.

This is still a issue. LTE speeds are at or worse as Sprint all of a sudden.
Calls on Cell are breaking up as well on both our RW phones, in our apartment, never used to.

Can RW report tower issues to TM?

I believe T-Mobile is experiencing severe network congestion right now.

I have been extensively testing speeds of T-Mobile Postpaid, Sprint Kick Starter, AT&T Prepaid and Visible for the past several months. In my area the ranking up until recently has been: 1) AT&T 2) T-Mobile 3) Sprint 4) Visible As of about a week ago it has changed to 1) AT&T 2) Visible 3) Sprint 4) T-Mobile This has been consistent for well over a week, in several different local areas dozens or more miles apart on different towers and different LTE bands.

Well. i would expect so with everything going on in the world at the moment, but this was happening as much as 2 to 3 weeks ago, before the world went insane with panic.

Throttling in preparation for the zombie apocalypse.

Cats and dogs living together, mass hysteria…

Others are reporting that i am breaking up also on their end when i speak to them from my home.
I can hear them fine, their voice does break up at all on my end.
This is on cell network
If I u use wifi calling, then i have that issue again of phone only rings once then stops with no notice of a call.

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