Support for chat on Android messsages?

So now google messages has a chat feature available but when I went in to activate it, it said my carrier (RW) didn’t support it. Is this feature ever going to be available for RW customers? If so, would my Moto G4 Play be able to use it?

At this point we have no news on RCS (chat) with Republic. I’ll tell you in the US it is largely useless right now. Because it doesn’t work on iPhones and right now there is very limited carrier availability ( of the major carriers: only the Pixel 3/3XL on Verizon, no phones on AT&T, no phones on T-Mobile, Android 6.0 or newer phones on Sprint) the universe of people that you can RCS with is super limited. I’ve had it available on my work phone on Verizon for nearly a year and have a total of 1 person it works with.


I see. I’m not super knowledgeable with stuff like this so thanks for clearing that up. It would just be nice to see if someone read the message I sent and also see if they are replying. I don’t know what other features the RCS has…so it’s not a huge deal to me. Just wondering!

I agree it is nice. Ironically the person I know who has RCS has specifically turned this off because she doesn’t like others to know if she’s received or read the messages sent to her.

Not much, the other big one is the ability to send much larger files making the quality of pictures and videos sent that way better.

Ah I see…well maybe it’s not worth worrying about then :slight_smile:

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