Support for the Motorola One Action?

I am extremely interested in the Motorola One Action phone just released from Motorola, however it isn’t in the current supported phone list. The Older Motorola I am currently using is also not in the list and works fine. Is there any reason a fully unlocked phone would have issues with Republic for simple calling and texting? The main draw of republic is not needing to pay for data, so I could care less about 4G etc.

At this time this phone is not supported

the older Legacy phones are not on the supported list for BYOD as they are consider Legacy Republic device that can only use the CDMA partner (All 3.0 supported phones can use the GSM partner and many(not all) can be put on the CDMA partner.
if the Phone is not on the supported phones list (including model and build) it will not work on Republic (a White-list is used)
3G is going away in a few years no carrier is still selling a 3G only phone and many will not activated a 3G only phone at all

here a good blog on the BYOD program for Republic

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