"Support" ie a chatbot named Jonatan

Ordered two replacement phones last week. Both Motog5S (refurbished). Paid two day delivery. Finally, six days later, they arrived. Holiday. Whatever. Amazon has raised the bar, people. Harumph… One of the two phones arrived bricked. Does not accept a charge. Does not turn on. Tried same charger in the other phone and it worked, so it’s definitely the phone. Tried to find out what to do from Chatbot, and he can only say, “not my job, what’s your PIN?” I took a stab at PIN, and then I get a “WRONG! You never set a PIN.” You have only two more guesses" message. That’s when I knew for sure it was a chatbot.
Asked several more times, in several more ways, “what do I do next?” Answer always some variation of “Not my job man.” Closed out Chatbot session in disgust. Tried to open a Help Ticket. Mandatory field is “Phone Number” referring to the phone I’m having trouble with. Since it has not been activated, it HAS NO PHONE NUMBER. I ended up filling in the number for my currently activated phone; not that that is in any way helpful to any Help Tech that may look at the ticket. Assuming there is a Help Tech.
Then it asks me to put a Subject Line. I put, “Phone arrived bricked”. The screen then jumps to a bunch of irrelevant article links and deletes all my answers in the screens above. It took three times to work around this to get a minimal request for support ticket launched, but of course, it didn’t ask me any relevant info; like what is the IMEI number of the phone in question, etc.
I’ve already wasted 10 times more time on this than if you just had a freakin’ phone number and a person on the other end of it.
Been here five or six years, never needed support. Now I know I have just been lucky.

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Hi @thomasa.wgpnrp,

I understand your experience with support to date hasn’t been what perhaps it should be, however, offering an inbound telephone number for support isn’t in and of itself a panacea. For example, I can call my cable company but have never had a satisfying experience doing so.

On the other hand, I’ve had good experiences with Republic’s (and other’s) ticket based support systems. My experience is the key is the folks answering at the other end not the means through which the conversation is facilitated. Though Republic’s Community Ambassadors are not staff, we can sometimes help fellow members (like you) work through Republic’s support process. By the way, even though Republic support begins online, telephone contact can be arranged.

So, the question I have for you is do you need any help with the support process or now that you have the help ticket open are you getting the support you need? If you still need some help, would you be willing to share yourticket number (nothing more). With that, I or another Ambassador can reach out to staff on your behalf.


Hi @thomasa.wgpnrp

I apologize that your support experience did not meet your expectations, I do assure you, however, that Jonatan is not a chatbot. He is a valued member of our Help team and he is required to verify your account before opening a ticket on your behalf for your own protection and privacy. The three guesses limit is also there to protect your account.

As he explained, our chat option is meant to be a place where members can get assistance with simple questions and account assistance. For technical troubleshooting, the issue needs to be handed over to a trained technician. Just as you would not want me working on your car, or performing surgery on your loved ones, you would want someone with technical training working with you to troubleshoot an expensive electronic device. Jonatan offered to open a ticket on your behalf to get your question to the right team, but must verify your account in order to do so.

We find that many of our members do not know what an IMEI number is, and having that in the ticket form would confuse them and be a barrier to getting the help they need. For someone as knowledgeable as yourself, it would definitely be a great relevant detail to include in the content area when submitting the ticket.

We look forward to getting you the assistance you need. Thank you for raising your concerns in Community. We will use your example as an opportunity to improve.

I’m glad to see that you were able to open a ticket. An agent is reviewing your ticket at this time.

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