Surprises from our Community Insiders


Sometimes our Community “Insiders” (Ambassadors, Experts, and other members who have earned what our Community software calls the third trust level, or their “Regular” badge) participate in challenges. Usually these challenges are designed to help us better manage the Community, keeping it organized, friendly, and searchable.

The prizes vary, but they are typically a swag item or maybe a small Taco Bell gift card. Our Insiders participate more for the camaraderie and bragging rights when they out-do one another.

Recently we realized that a fun prize for these challenges is to allow the winners to pick a Community member they’d like to “swagify.” (Offer a gift of a Republic Wireless swag item.) We’re going to use this thread as a place where our Ambassadors, Experts, and other Insiders can tag their intended swag recipients and give them a nice shout-out, explaining why they’ve been selected to receive a swag item.


Our Insiders were recently challenged to go through the “Unsolved” topics in the Questions and Answers categories and mark any correct answers that had never been marked.

They worked through a backlog over a year old and made short work of it, as well. I set up the challenge as a 10-day challenge, and these over-acheivers knocked it out in a mere three days, marking over 900 correct answers in that short period of time. They also tagged topics as “Outdated” (when answers pointed back to our previous Community software or were related to our older plan structure) and “Incomplete” (when the person who asked the question didn’t give enough information to go on, and never came back to respond to follow-up questions.

Just take a look at the Unsolved Q&As now! :tada:

As part of the challenge, any Insider who participated by marking at least 15 correct answers in a single day of the challenge earned the right to swagify two Community members. They may choose to do so privately, but they are also invited to do so in this thread.

Our Insiders who met this challenge goal were:
@louisdi, @drm186, @michellen, @johnny5, @andreas, and @coreyk

Congratulations, too, to the challenge winners who marked the most correct answers during the challenge:
:heavy_check_mark: @louisdi who marked 237 correct answers
:heavy_check_mark: @michellen who marked 166 correct answers
:heavy_check_mark: @drm186 who marked 148 correct answers

A tremendous thank-you :green_heart: to all the Insiders who participated in the challenge, and to those who continually help by marking correct answers. Thank you as well, to all our members who take the time to come back and mark a correct answer when their own questions have been answered. :heart:

Oh woe is me, woe is me!

i would Swagify @nikl for not just posting their home screen in the Show us your home screen thread but also stating a guessing game with what’s the object in their wallpaper so thank you for

I would also like to Swagify @drog just for be an active member here in the community recently


I would like to swagify @kurts.7omf1o for this post. He came to the community with a complaint about the new plans, and while he found out there was no way to transfer his old plan to his new phone, he was happy with the help from the community. I love seeing posts like this!

My second pick is @Phonehome for starting his discussion:

I loved his creative way of laying this out. Thanks for taking the time to share with Community.

Both of you can pick either a Republic T-shirt (which I highly recommend!) or a Republic ball cap.

If you choose the T-shirt, please indicate which size you would prefer. I find the shirts to be pretty true to size.


I’d also like to state, that what Southpaw said here is very true! I enjoyed the competition enough to do it without the added benefit of prizes. It is fun to award a few things to others here in the Community though as well.


I would like to swagify @aFloridian for the entire collection of his recent community contributions. He has participated in many threads, in a positive manner, with good information and really made a number of great contributions to the community lately.

Second, I’d like to swagify @haptown. Haptown has also participated in a number of threads lately with some great input to issues that other members have been having. Thanks for your help around the forums!


Thanks for the shout out @louisdi but the only swag I need is to continue to be in the Anywhere Beta program because that is the bees knees!


Do you have the Anywhere T-shirt, @haptown?


Nice try @southpaw but I already have one. I really don’t need or want anything as I have spent my RW savings of $15-20/mo ordering gadgets and electronic parts from China since I joined RW in 2013. Do you realize what one can get for $20 if you shop wisely? And then when I do get something in the mail for free, my wife doesn’t believe it!


Ok! Now I want to see what you’ve bought, and more importantly, what you’ve done with it! Seriously. New thread, photos, show us your creative genius at work. :bulb:


…I’m sending a big package, and I’ll find a way to send it C.O.D. just to get you in trouble with your wife! :smirk_cat:


Wow. I definitely will accept this offer, but I also know that I just got the $20 tango card, so I am okay as well if I don’t get the gift.

Thank you so much for your kind words @louisdi.


I would like to swagify @ithink2020. He gave a very good summary of the need/lack of need for Cleaner/Security apps that can be read here. Very helpful.


Thank you @coreyk! It was interesting to research and learn more about.

I must say the RW community is really awesome and there are a lot of great people here!


I would like to swagify @TheDoctor for being so helpful and patient while resolving a problem for member @bonnieh.71i8en in the thread here: Issue with a floating icon

(I learned something, too!)


Thank You because in my opinion he was very helpful and does deserve credit as you stated!


Thanks!! Swagified I was.


I would like to Swagify @PlaneTherapist. He has been very helpful and has had some great replies lately.

(Moderator’s note: For context, while @ithink2020 is not one of our Community Insiders, he was swagified above by @coreyk, but having recently received some swag, opted for his own swagify opportunity.)


Appreciate the kind words and shout-out from an unofficial swagifier. I’ve enjoyed reading your thoughtful writings and liked you recent review of RW.


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