Swap phone numbers in same account on legacy plans

Is a phone number swap (i.e. without moving SIMs) still possible without affecting their respective plans, given the recent “5.0” changes to RW ?

Phone #1 and #2: Same (old) account
Phone #1: On Refund Plan
Phone #2: On My Choice Plan

My understanding is that this would not be possible under the current constraints. I’m sure someone will correct me if I’m wrong.

Hi @williams.sj6s67,

This is still an option in our account management tool. I’d like to test it on a couple of lab phones before trying it on your real phone, though. Please give me a few minutes to give it a try and I’ll let you know.

Hi @williams.sj6s67,

Number swaps between legacy phones on the same legacy account still work!


Thanks @southpaw for answering the question definitively. Hopefully that ability won’t disappear in the near future with the transition bug fixes (?).

I have a couple of postscript questions about a legacy phone number swap, the first one was: Do the plans follow the numbers, or stay with the phones, and the answer is: The plans stay with the phones even though their numbers have changed. As stated here:

The second question is: If one of the number swapped phones has an Extend Home Adapter attached/associated to it, what happens to the association ?

Further complicating my specific example case of Phone #1 and Phone #2 above, is that it is (I think?) impossible to associate Extend Home with Phone #1.

Nothing should happen to the association. That is to say, the association follows the number rather than the phone.

Is phone #1 on a 1.0/2.0 plan? If so, you are correct, Extend Home cannot be associated with a number attached to a 1.0/2.0 plan phone.

And furthermore, in this specific case, it would probably automatically disassociate (having failed to follow the number unto a 2.0 plan), and then I would have a brick that cannot be associated with any RW phone thereafter. Not complaining, just making sure I don’t make any unnecessary bricks.

Given that the method for requesting a phone number swap between legacy phones is via a help ticket, is this a bad time to make such a request, if in fact the help/ticket system is (currently) overwhelmed?

Hi @rolandh, is that something you’ve tested and confirmed? I would have expected Extend Home to stay with the service line, not the phone number, if we’re lucky enough that it doesn’t disassociate.

It depends only on how urgently you need the numbers swapped and whether you are okay with possibly losing the Extend Home association. Our Help Team can assist you, or I can help if you prefer.

Well, I’ve moved an active GSM SIM from phone to phone and the association seemed to follow the phone number but, maybe, it was the service line?

Anyway, if I’m understanding @williams.sj6s67 correctly, the number currently associated with his Extend Home would end up on a 1.0/2.0 phone, which would presumably break the number association.

When you move a SIM card, you’re swapping the phone that is associated with the service line. So the service line and the Extend Home remain intact, we just update the device associated with that service line. In that case, the phone number isn’t actually “moving”, it has stayed on the same service line, too. The Extend Home isn’t following anything, only the device is changing.

I think in this case, Extend Home would stay on the service line and as we’d just be swapping the number associated with the service line, the best-case outcome would be that the Extend Home would now be associated with the new number we’re assigning to that service line. Worst-case (Because we can no longer associate Extend Home devices) would be that the process would break the association entirely and we’d be left with no Extend Home service.

I guess what I’m really asking is, not how long will it take for the Help Team to respond to my request (it’s not urgent), but rather, once the process begins what kind of delays will there be from the time someone throws the switch(es) until the two phones settle in to their new identities?

And for the record @rolandh has correctly understood that the Extend Home will break if it (tries) to follow over to the phone on the 2.0 plan (and I’m okay with that, I understand that was never possible in the first place).

It really doesn’t follow the phone or the phone number. Extend home is associated with the service line (which would remain a My Choice service line), but updating the phone number on the service line could be what breaks it.

(I think RW is pretty unique in having this thing called a “service line” because other carriers have phone numbers associated with SIM cards and nothing in-between, but our legacy network introduces an extra layer where there is a service line that allows us to do things like re-assign numbers, send calls to an IP device like Extend home, send text messages to Anywhere endpoints, and so on. So I know the concept of “service line” can sometimes be a little hard to wrap a telecom guru’s mind around. And I find myself sadly in a state of having finally grasped it myself, just in time to have it all become obsolete as we move into the 5.0 world! :sob:)

it usually takes just a matter of seconds, possibly a minute or two, then rebooting the phones.