Swap SIM Card from Moto Z Play XT1710-01 to OnePlus 7T 1905?

Can I swap the SIM card from my (dead) Moto Z Play XT1710-01 to the OnePlus 7T 1905 that I recently ordered online?? I find them in the same list of compatible phones on the Republic Wireless website, so I am hopeful. Thanks in advance.

Hi @randallc.58ijsl and welcome to the Community!

The answer on moving the SIM is maybe. Please see if this helps:

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Thanks for your prompt reply. The answer that you referred me to said I must determine if my old Moto Z2 Play is GSM by looking in the Republic App. However, my phone is dead. I wonder how I find out then?

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You will need to remove the Sim to check


Good point, @randallc.58ijsl. I’ve updated the Help Article that provides the in-app instructions with a note to use the SIM card instructions @grandbobby linked if the phone is not functional.

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