Swapping Moto e4 plus phones

My Moto e4 plus screen is cracked. Can I buy a new e4 plus at Best Buy and put in my Republic Wireless SIM card from my current e4 plus?

And if so, is there anything else I need to do?

depends on if your current phone is GSM or CDMA as swapping phones by swapping SIMs is a GSM feature

I’m using my current Moto e4 plus with Republic, and it has a SIM card… so I guess its GSM? I recall this was the case, since we replaced the SIM card with an Australian one when we were there in December.

So can I just buy another Moto e4 plus from Best buy and swap in my Republic SIM? and if so, how do I alert them and do the migration thing where I auto-import my apps and passwords?

you can verify if the SIM is GSM if you can use the current phone by going into the Republic app then the setting tab :gear: about and SIM type is listed.
if the current phone is not able to do this then you can also look at the SIM if it the “Republic” is dual color grey"Re"/green"public" then its GSM (all grey would be CDMA )

If GSM you can get tee Factory Unlock from Best buy and then swap the SIM download the Republic App and go though the activation process in the Republic app.

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No, that’s not correct. You will need to determine if the SIM you have is GSM using the steps provided in the link about or in the directions provided by @drm186


It’s definitely a GSM. Still not quite sure how to migrate my current phone, though I suspect after I load the app it will be obvious.

Also curious if it us worth trying to save $25 and having the cracked screen replaced…

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