Swapping numbers on phones

I have 2 RW numbers on 2 separate phones. I use one as a backup. My go to phone got destroyed that has the Republic Wireless number I want to keep. This means I want to only have one phone one number with WR.
So it should be simple to exchange numbers within RW right?

If you don’t mind losing the number all you need to do is cancel the phone you want to use and reactivate as a replacement for the broken phone

I know it would be easier but it wouldn’t be as updating everything associated is brutal.I want to keep the number.

Hi @shamus,

I think what @drm186 is suggesting is that if you don’t mind losing the number on what you’ve referred to as the “backup” phone, then you can cancel it in the Account portal and then re-activate at a replacement to your broken phone so that the phone number from the broken phone moves to it.

If you need to swap the numbers without losing either number, that requires a support ticket, as our staff would have to make that change.


I’m just afraid of losing service completely if I cancel. I’ve tried to switch before and it says the number is not available to switch.

You have no reason to fear if you do as @southpaw explained and recommended. It should only take a few minutes. Once transfer to working phone is done you’ll have only the one line and no further action will be require. Most other info from the broken phone will transfer if it had been backed up via Google and you use the same Google account on the replacement. If Support were to swap numbers and cancel the other line for you you wold loose any saved voice mails.


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The easy way to do this is:

  1. Sign in to Phones | Republic Wireless
  2. Find the phone with the number that you don’t want to keep, cancel service to that phone
  3. Once the phone is canceled, you’ll be able to reactivate it, using the Republic App and selecting the option to move or activate as a replacement to move the number from the destroyed phone.

Hi @shamus,

Sorry, I wasn’t available for a bit, but I see others have chimed in with good advice.

As long as you’re careful to only cancel the phone number that you don’t mind losing, you’ll be ok.

You can’t “transfer” a Republic Wireless number to another Republic Wireless phone using the transfer tool in the Account portal. That is why if you try in the Account portal or in our online number checker, it will tell you the number is not available.

But you can replace a current RW phone with another phone and have the number move to the new phone.

If you’re still uneasy about it, our staff can help, but they’re very likely going to give this same advice because this is the better route than swapping the numbers across the service lines on our back-end system.


Hi @shamus
Don’t forget to do the backups to reinstall on your phone.

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