Swapping out sim card for international travel


I am traveling to Thailand and the family I am staying with there say they have a sim card I can use in Thailand. Will this work on my Moto E? Can I swap out the sim card and hop on their plan? Thank you!



Hi @dalet.xvauhh!

It depends on which Moto E you have. If you have the Moto E1 or E2, you cannot swap the SIMs. If you have the E4 then you can. You can view some other information regarding international travel here: International Travel with a Republic Phone . I hope that helps!


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While a Moto E4 is capable of accepting SIMs from other providers domestic or international, one will still want to verify it will operate on cellular networks where one is traveling. This is particularly important with budget models like the Moto E4, Alcatel A30, etc.

It looks like the E4 will work with all Thai providers on 3G but only two for 4G. Source:

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It is helpful to give all of us the fullest information you can.

In Republic, we support 3 generations of the Moto E (1, 2 and 4). The Gen 1 and 2 are not capable of being used anywhere but with Republic Wireless. The SIM on the E Gen2 is locked to us and to the phone and the phone software is proprietary and unable to accommodate any other carrier SIM. The Moto E4 is a Factory Unlocked phone that is perfectly capable of being used with other carriers’ SIMs.

I am an employee so I know what phone you have the others here need your input to be able to answer confidently.

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Hi, I was wondering the same thing. I have a Moto G4 phone and have yet to travel internationally with it. WIth my prior phone, the sim card was not removable, so I had no such luck. I want to make sure that I can swap my sim card out once I arrive in-country and that it is jailbroken
the other thing i was wondering is how frequently I can switch them without my phone going haywire! It is nice being able to call my grandma on her home phone, since she doesn’t have whatsapp or skype. If I need to make a call to a landline and don’t want to purchase a VOIP, can I switch out for my Republic Wireless SIM, say, once a week?
I hope my next phone will have 2 sim card slots so that I can use both simultaneously! haha


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