Swapping phone from Moto e to Galaxy J3



Have a moto e first gen. Can I pull the sim and stick it in a Samsung Galaxy J3 that was on someone elses network ? If so, is there anywhere it tells what else I would need to do to swap phones and keep my current plan?


no for multiple reason

  1. the Moto E 1st Gen has no SIM
  2. the Legacy phones (like the Moto E 1st Gen) are CDMA and changing phones by sim swapping is a GSM feature (also due to custom ROM if there was a SIM it would need to stay with that phone as it is link to it)
  3. the Samsung J3 is a GSM only phone and needs a GSM SIM

also note only the US Factory unlocked version of the Samsung Galaxy J3 is supported for republic
2016 - SM-J320A with correct build numbers listed in supported phones
2017 - SM-J327U

please see Republic Wireless Phones – Republic Help and How to Find a Compatible Unlocked Phone

here the link to the GSM SIM Republic Wireless SIM Card Kit | Republic Wireless



You will not be able to keep the same plan with any new phone from RW. All new phones will be on the My Choice plan. Affordable, No-Contract Cell Phone Plans | Republic Wireless

Since the J3 is a GSM only phone your coverage will be on the RW’s GSM network (T-Mobile) and your coverage will be different. If their coverage is not good in your area you may want to consider a phone that is also compatible with RW’s CDMA network (Sprint).



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