Swapping phone numbers between RW Phones

I am looking to transfer a number from one republic phone to another. One phone is broken and clunky to use, the other was left behind by the passing of that family member. We wanted to keep that family members phone (since it works and is in good condition) and transfer a number from the broken republic phone to it.

I thought it would be easy to do so I put it off. However now unless this is resolved soon ill end up paying for service for another month. That’s because i dont want to cancel the service on the phone and lose the plan its currently on. Since the family member that would use it now, has absolutely no use for data. Also I am not sure if it wipes the phone like a reset.

Its important to transfer this number because it is a work number on many forms etc. Itd be easier to switch the number to another republic phone. Than it would be to be forced to use the republic given number the good condition phone was given.

it will take a support ticket to swap the numbers and deactivate the phone you don’t want to pay for Republic Help

Frustrating to figure out what each Help option actually helps with and whos actually helping. I thought this is where i should ask. Thanks for a quick reply but life got really busy so mine is very late; still wanted to say thanks!

your welcome (there no time limit on giving feedback )

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