Swapping phone numbers between two RW phones?

I’m buying a new phone (Moto G Plus) to add to my account and will be giving my old phone (Moto E) to my daughter. How can I move my current phone # from Moto E to the new Moto G Plus? Not sure if this complicates it further, but the Moto E is on a 2.0 plan and the new Moto G Plus will be 3.0.


Hi @jefft.8k25j0

You want to activate the new *Moto G4 Plus *as an upgrade/replacement for your existing Moto E device (current line of service). This will automatically transfer your current phone number to the new Moto G4 Plus.

Once completed, and you have moved/backed-up any data you care to retain to the new phone, you can FDR (Factory Data Reset) the Moto E and reactivate a new line for your daughter on your account, or she can activate the Moto E on her own account.

Detailed instructions can be found here: Activate My Phone

Feel free to ask any and all questions you have or if you would like additional assistance.

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