Swapping Phones, not service


A very kind friend has gifted me a Samsung 9 phone.

Can I use the sim card that’s in my Moto X4 or do I need to buy a new one for the S9?



ETC Phone info.

Hi @robertm.71psds - Recommend you start by verifying the gifted Samsung S9 is compatible with RW service. Here are some documents you might find helpful.

There are other links in that document that may answer other questions too!

If the S9 is compatible then the following article might help - Is It Okay to Swap SIM Cards Between Phones? – Republic Help

Come on back with any questions you might have.

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Thanks so much for the quick reply!

This phone says it’s an S8 but the model number says it’s an S9


I can’t win for losing.

Good Morning @robertm.71psds,

This would be an unusual circumstance. Please quote, for us, what is said at Settings -> About phone -> Model?

Also, please let us know where you see the phone telling you it’s a Samsung Galaxy S8?

Finally, as you have the phone in your possession, please install then open Republic’s app. What does the app advise abut the phone’s compatibility? This is the referenced app:


Hi Roland,

It doesn’t matter because the Republic app gave ma a big, red, “BUMMER” when I tried to run it on my new phone.
“Bummer” wasn’t what I said, not even close.


Hi @robertm.71psds,

"Bummer… is the Republic app delivering the unfortunate news the specific phone you purchased is not compatible with Republic’s blended network.

Sourcing compatible Samsungs (particularly previously used models) is somewhat tricky. One must pay close attention. The best how to on that was previously linked by @freddyp. For convenience, I’ll do so again:

Perhaps, you might return the Samsung you acquired then seek out a Republic compatible variant?

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