Swapping SIM cards between Moto E 2nd Gen and Moto E4


Hi there,

We would like to exchange the phone numbers between Moto E 2nd Gen and Moto E4. Moto E 2nd Gen support Micro SIM, while Moto E4 support Nano SIM.

Could the SIM cards between these devices be swapped?




Even if the same size, those SIMs couldn’t be swapped. You can get the numbers swapped by support. Open a ticket to ask. https://republicwi.re/openhelprequest


Just to add to @louisdi correct answer the legacy phones like the Moto E 2nd and some 3.0 phones run on CDMA where the account [and number] are link to the phone and not the SIM which on CDMA is just used for LTE access
For the legacy phones the SIM needs stay with it’s phone [a 3.0 CDMA SIM also needs to stay with phone but after 20 days of being disabled it becomes worthless]


Thank you @louisdi and @drm186. I will request a phone number swap after the new phone (Moto E4) arrives.



If you’re an existing member, you’ll be able to choose whether you’d like to move your current number to your new phone, or if you’d like to add a new number.

You should not need to request a number swap if the new E4 is activated as a replacement for your E2. Number is transferred during the activation process and the E2 will be deactivated. If you desire to continue to use the E2 a new number will be issued if reactivated.


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