Switch 2 accounts to 1

My wife has her account under her email address and I have mine. I want or join them into 1 account to take advantage of the new plan and pricing is it possible?

Good Morning @scottn.2u7em7,

It’s possible but a bit convoluted. Currently, moving to a new 5.0 plan requires establishing a new account with an email address not used on either your current account or your wife’s:


  1. Order the new plans of choice for you and your wife here: Cell Phone Plans – Republic Wireless. You’ll establish the new account during the order process. The new plans should be ordered from the new account.
  2. Wait for your new SIMs to arrive.
  3. Activate the new SIMs using the new account from which they were ordered. When activating the new SIMs, choose to move your number and your wife’s number. You’ll be prompted for information from your current accounts to “port” the numbers.
  4. When the ports complete, both lines (phones) will be housed in the new account and the phones will be canceled in the current accounts.

You might also want to read this prior to making a decision to move forward:

Thanks for the reply. Sure looks like a big headache with lots of hoops to jump thru for long time customers to get a deal.

Is it possible to do all the hoop jumping and then once it’s all done change the new accounts email address to my primary email address?

The current amount of hoop jumping is temporary. If you can wait a few weeks, there will be a better process. Said better process would allow for the new SIMs to be ordered from your current account (or your wife’s) You’d still end up going through the porting exercise for one phone (porting your wife’s number to your account or vice versa).

Yes, but presuming the referenced primary email account is attached to your current account, you would first need to change the email address for your current account. You would then be able to use the primary email address with the new account.

Thanks for the reply, I can deal with waiting a few weeks just to order and port vs. creating all the new accounts. Thanks!