Switch Activated Phones with Wife

I bought a Moto Z play for my wife and a Moto x pure edition phone for myself. Yesterday we activated the phones but my wife activated my Moto x pure and I activated her Z play by mistake.

How can we delete the activation info, change phones and reactivate them to our own specifications.

Do we have to reset the phones to factory settings then reactivate them with Republic?

How do I get to Republic Tech help. I can’t seem to find the link. Is there a phone number to call republic for help?

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Republic Help

republic support should be able to swap the numbers of the phones for you

do you know if the Moto X Pure is GSM or CDMA (if GSM just swap the SIMs would do this)

(the Moto Z Play is only a GSM phone)


6. How can I tell which coverage was assigned to the phone I received?

  • If you order one of our GSM-only phones, you can rest assured you will have GSM coverage.
  • CDMA phones are labeled CDMA on the box:

(Label image courtesy of an Ambassador who received a CDMA G4+)

  • If the phone arrives with the SIM card in the box rather than pre-installed, it’s definitely GSM. However, if the phone arrives with the SIM card installed, that does not conclusively mean it’s a CDMA phone, as some of our GSM phones are still shipped with the SIM card pre-installed.
  • A GSM SIM card is white, and the word republic has public in green letters.
  • A CDMA SIM has a different color for each size of the SIM Card - Gray, Green, White. The word republic is all gray.
  • Once the phone is activated, I believe @rolandh has provided a dialer sequence that is specific to Sprint, meaning if it’s a CDMA phone you’ll see a a menu with the word “Sprint” at the top of the screen. If it’s not a CDMA phone, the phone will not respond to the dialer sequence. I would caution you to cancel out of the resulting options once you confirm your coverage.

Republic Help is all online based, there is no dial in number.

You can submit an online Help ticket using the link provided by @drm186

You can also Live Chat using the blue Chat Now button within the same interface.

Just sharing some personal experience. While swapping a single Republic GSM SIM among multiple Republic 3.0 phones has worked swimmingly for me; swapping two active SIMs so that they were in different phones than the one each originated in not so much.

The phones will function but I’ve noted certain anomalies like the inability to change plans unless the SIM swap was reversed, so that each is back in the original phone. It’s been a while since I repeated the experiment, so it’s possible more recent versions of Republic’s 3.0 app handle the scenario more gracefully. In this case, I’d go with your suggestion that Republic staff swap the numbers leaving the SIMs in the phones they originated in.

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