Switch back to old phone/plan?


So I have been a Republic Wireless subscriber for several years now. I had the Moto X Gen 1 and was on one of the older plans. I recently upgraded to the Moto X Pure and the new plan, but I’m finding that the phone is simply too large. Losing the ability to use the phone with one hand makes it simply impractical. What are my options? Is it possible to return to my Moto X Gen 1? Or is it not compatible with the new plans? My brother recently left Republic Wireless and said he would give me his old Moto X Gen 2… so the same questions apply to that phone as well.


Both the Moto X 1st and Moto X 2nd can be reactivated on the 2.0 refund plan and if you had a1.0 plan before you can create a ticket to go back to that plan,

To stay on 3.0 you can look into the small phones like the Moto G4 Play of Samsung Galaxy J3


Hi @bryanb.qnxoep

The question “What are my options?” would be dependent on the definition of recently.

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If you are asking if you can go back to the old plan, the answer is yes, as long as you have a 1/2.0 phone.

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