Switch back to old republic phone- Sim card invalid

I broke the screen on my phone. I am trying to reactivate my old republic phone and message says sim card invalid?

If your ‘old’ phone is a Legacy phone (Moto X1/2, G1/3, E1/2 then you can’t re-use the SIM from the 3.0 phones.
You would just Activate it using this procedure:

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If your former phone is not one of the phones @jben listed, it’s possible the SIM card in the former phone has expired. You may be able to simply move the SIM card from the broken phone to the former phone, though.

(For the purpose of applying this article to your situation, consider the broken-but-activated phone to be the phone with the “old” SIM card, and the phone you want to activate to the “new” phone, even though it is an older phone!

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