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I’m thinking of upgrading from the old refund plan to the My Choice plan. If I activate a new MOTO G5S as GSM can I later change to CDMA. At our lake house, I need to be able to roam on the Verizon net work. I think CDMA will allow me to have Sprint as native carrier and roam on Verizon. I currently have the old MOTOX gen1 phone. I has served me well for many years. Thanks Jim

  1. If you purchase the phone from Republic, the ‘system’ will provide the SIM most appropriate for your particular Zipcode … see Coverage checker here: 4G LTE + WiFi for the Best Cell Phone Coverage | Republic Wireless
  2. If the phone ends up GSM, then if it is CDMA capable, What Phones Are Compatible with CDMA Service? – Republic Help
  3. You would check How to Request a 3.0 CDMA SIM Card – Republic Help
  4. Any phone purchased from other than Republic will require a GSM SIM, but if needed can be changed out as above in #3 if it has CDMA capabilities as outlined in #2

To be clear - not every phone we support can be moved to CDMA. I understand this question is specifically about the Moto G5S, but we need to be careful that others reading do not think all phones can support both types of SIM cards.

And some phones support both, but RW only supports gsm - the s9 as an example.

This is true, for now. Republic is working with Sprint to add support for these newer phones that use yet a different time of CDMA SIM. They will eventually be supported for CDMA with Republic.

Is it correct that RW offers phones that support both CDMA and GSM? example,the MOTO g5s Plus.

Yes, you can see the list here: Detailed Supported Phone Features

Let’s be clear, the phones can only be activated on ONE partner at any given time, but have access to both of Republic’s partners as configuration choices.


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