Switch from GSM to CDMA?

Upgrading to Moto G Power (PAH30004US) from Moto Z Play. Would GSM or CDMA give better coverage for central Florida (32724).

Hi @SusanMH,

Are you experiencing any coverage issues now?

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Occasionally, but not enough to be concerned. Just wanted to know if one or the other was better. Have not activated my new phone yet.

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Hi @SusanMH it does look like coverage may be more fully saturated on Sprint’s network in your area. Please request a CDMA SIM card using the e-mail address indicated in

You can let the coverage team know that Southpaw already did an assessment of your coverage. They will need the IMEI of the phone you ordered as there’s a step they have to take to update the Sprint database before the CDMA SIM card will activate on a BYOP Moto G Power.

Thank You. I will also need a SIM card for my husband as we both have upgraded to the Moto G Power. Would the saturated coverage for Sprint also include a good portion of Florida especially the Orlando and Gainesville areas? We travel to those areas quite a bit.
Will we have any technical issues because our phones are BYOP?

I think you’ll both see better coverage in that region on the Sprint network.

The phones bought BYOP are identical to the phones bought from us. You will not have any technical issues just because they were bought BYOP.

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