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My wife is considering switching from an iPhone. Had anyone done this? We have a few concerns: 1) contacts, photos, and music transfer. 2) getting used to Android (thinking about Samsung, so touch Whiz) 3) iMessage shut off. 4) 14 day Republic Wireless return policy. Please let me know if you personally have any experience with any of this. Thanks!

Hi @mamboman777,

I’m not a former iPhone user but am a current one in addition to being an Android user.

  1. My suggestions here would depend on whether and how these things are being synced. Is your wife using iCloud? Is music synced with iTunes?
  2. TouchWiz, in my opinion, is likely to be an easier transition coming from iOS than more stock versions of Android.
  3. The best way to be certain iMessage is indeed turned off is here: Deregister and Turn Off iMessage - Apple Support. Use the part for “No longer have your iPhone?” even though your wife still has her iPhone.
  4. I’ve never needed to avail myself of it, so I’ll let others speak to it.

I believe Google has a way to sync contacts between iOS and Android using Google Drive.

Here: Switch to Android

I’ve used Android for a few years now and I suggest trying not to compare the two while you try and adjust to the transition, as it could frustrate you as you try and get over the muscle memory of iOS. I suggest taking full advantage of the customizability of Android to your advantage to create your own unique experience. Android can change it’s appearance completely with third party launchers (like TouchWiz). If this aspect is a little out there then I suggest just trying to adapt to the skin that is given with whichever phone you decide to purchase.

As for Music, I’m not an expert on this but I know you can download your iTunes library on PC, Mac, or Linux and then use Google’s Google Play Music Manager to upload your iTunes library to your Google account without any cost. (limit of 10,000 songs if i’m correct).

Here: Add your music with Google Play Music Manager - Google Play Help

Lastly iMessage, this one if fairly easy as Apple has a neat little page that gives you all of the steps of the process.

Here: Deregister and Turn Off iMessage - Apple Support

Good Luck with the switch if you decide to go through with it. Go slow and everything should work out well.

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