Switch Moto X SIM card into a Moto G7?

I want a larger screen at times but there’s no good way to schlep around the larger G7. Is it possible/feasible to switch the same SIM card (it doesn’t show if it’s GSM or CDMA) from a Moto X (1st Gen) into a Moto G7 back & forth as needed (to use both interchangeably)?

Unfortunately, no. The SIM for a Moto X 1st Gen. (which are all CDMA) is tied to that phone and should always stay with that phone. You could get a G7 with a new SIM and keep activating and deactivating it if you wanted to swap phones, but the SIM in the new phone would expire if not used for 20 days unactivated.


Unfortunate INDEED! Thanks for the info.

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