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I am getting a new moto g 4 plus and would like to change it to my old number, but I want to keep my moto g on one of the old plans, but with a different number. Can I switch numbers and still keep my moto g on the old plan?

Activate your new phone as a replacement for the old phone. You will see an option to move the number in the activation process. This will transfer the number from the old phone to the new phone and deactivate the old one. Then reactivate the old one as an additional phone. It will get a new number and it will be on the 2.0 Republic Refund plan.

If your old phone is on the older 1.0 plan and you wish to hold on to that plan rather than change to the 2.0 Refund plan

Activate your new phone as a new line of service and then submit a help request to swap the phone numbers on your two

lines…this will get your original phone number on your newly activated phone.

And your old Moto G will get the new phone number but stay on the 1.0 plan. As @billg noted if you go the route recommended by him your Moto G will end up with a 2.0 Refund plan.

If the Moto G is already on the 2.0 Refund plan then the nuance is moot.

Hi @jamesm.dlq7tq,

If the plan currently on the Moto G1 is an “unlimited” 1.0 grandfathered plan and you wish to retain that plan for the G1, there is another approach. If uncertain, which set of grandfathered plans is currently in use on the G1, please open the Republic app and quote, for us, the words describing that plan under your phone number.

Otherwise, what @billg said.

I also want to add that if the old phone is going to be used by someone else it is a good idea to factory reset it before reactivating it.

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