Switch Numbers between Republic Phones while Keeping Grandfathered Plan

I have an old Moto G phone that I wish to maintain in a wireless-only status since it only costs me $5/mo - it is ‘grandfathered’. My old number is still on my old phone. I also have a new Moto G Fast phone that I just received this month that has a new telephone number. I’d like to switch my old number to my new phone and place a new number on my old phone. It’s not too important to me what number is attached to my old phone, but what is important to me is that my right to preserve my favorable grandfathered rate is preserved. I am concerned that if I switch my old number to my new phone, I will have done something ‘wrong’ and I will find too late that the grandfathered status that my old phone enjoys will have ‘evaporated.’

Hi @dennish.m,

The way to accomplish what you were hoping to accomplish would have been to activate the new phone as an “upgrade” to the old phone. The number would have moved to the new phone. Then you could re-activate the old phone and select the Wi-Fi-only plan. Plans are “grandfathered” to the phone, in that certain phones can support only certain plans. We’re not here to try to catch you doing something “wrong” to make you lose your plan. The way the legacy phones were programmed, they can work with only our legacy plans, and the way the new phones work with our service, they cannot work with our legacy plans.

Since you’ve already activated the new phone as a new service line so that it took on a new number, there’s not a way you can move the numbers between the phones without staff assistance.

I’ll open a Help Ticket on your behalf (so we’re not discussing phone numbers and such publicly) and help you get everything straightened out.


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