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Switching from Moto G5 to samsung s8. HELP. Need to transfer phone

and all data.

If this is an S8 you purchased from RW then just turn it on and follow the screen prompts.

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Purchased from Samsung. Downloaded the R app but don’t know how to import contacts and photos.

Your contacts and photos should come in automatically when you log into your Gmail account. They are in the Google cloud here:


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I should mention that this contacts app work better on my S7 than did the Samsung contacts app:

And the Samsung Messaging app doesn’t work with RW. I use RW’s Anywhere app which works fine on both my S7 and Windows 10 desktop and laptop.

Finally, this app will put your phone’s screen on your desktop. A companion app for your PC is available.

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Ok thanks a million, Installed anywhere app. Found contacts in area you mentioned and photos but how do I get an icon on phone for contacts and photos. I am not technical at all!

I can only speak to the S7 but your phone is probably like mine. The icon for the Photos app is inside an icon/folder labeled Google. Once you have downloaded the Google Contacts app it will bge in the Apps drawer… When you find it there long-press on it and it will move to the home screen or whatever screen you were on when you when to the apps drawer.

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Ik, I’ll give it a try. So frustrating. Thanks again!

I’ll be around most of the evening and am glad to help in any way I can.

how do I download them?

Are you logged into your Google account. If you take the link to the Google Contacts app I posted it will take you to the Play Store. Once there, you need to be logged into your Google account. You can do all this from your PC. When you click on the app you can then choose to install it and the Play Store will push it to your phone.

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I finally got the contacts app on the home screen but it is not syncing.

I wish I knew more about where you were at with you phone right now. If your phone is connected to WiFi and if the phone is logged into your Google account, the Google Contacts app should automatically sync with your contacts at contacts.google.com.

If you open Google Contacts you should see 3 horizontal lines in the top left corner. Tap on them.
Near the bottom of the screen you will see Settings. Tap on Settings.

In Settings you will see an entry “Default account for new contacts” Does your gmail address appear below that entry?

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