Switch plan or airplane mode (for international travel)


I am going to Prague from April 5 to 12. I have a Moto X with the base plan + 1 GB cell data. To use my phone there, is it better to switch to the $5 WiFi plan or just turn Airplane mode and WiFI on for the week duration? If it is in Airplane mode with WiFI on, would I get text messages? Or only if cell data is eliminated from the plan?

Thank you.


Hi @jamesj.br6rf8,

Switching to the $5 WiFi only plan would be beneficial, if practical. Details on that and more here: International Travel with a Republic Phone.


I followed the instructions but I can only get up to step 5. Step 6 about the terms of service does not appear. It doesn’t give me an option to change plans.

the terms of service is only there when you haven’t agreed to them since they where last updated agreeing to them should move to the next step

ok. but I still don’t see any of the following steps on my phone. The only options it gives me is Your Phones, Orders, Payments, & Returns and Account Settings. It doesn’t give me that Manage Account screen with the user and plan

I got it. I had to go to the Cell section and click on change plans. Thank you.

I just verified on my X2 (and X1 would be the same) … go to your Republic Wireless App, select the far left tab (the RW Arc), then hit the floating green +, then the Change plan …then TAP the down arrow on ‘Current plan’ here you see your current plan (grey) with the other plans that are availble

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