Switched a friend to Republic Wireless My Choice Plan and new phone


My friend lives in Kansas and is relativly technical challanged. She was interested in switching to Republic after using a TrackPhone for years. I have been talking up the Republic team and their plans for years and she is moving to another area and was ready to switch. Although the process of activation etc., is very easy she would have had trouble with the most basic movements. So ordered a phone and am going to activate it here, Install SIM card, storage card and set up the phone completely and send her the phone completely call ready without anything for her to do.
Have been with Republic Wireless for years and have never ever looked back. They have the best team of associates that I have ever encountered in any business and always exceed my expectations. The $15 plan is ideal for me and love, love, love the savings and flawless service.


Thank you @Pubelodude! We appreciate the kind words and that you’ve helped get your friend setup with Republic Wireless!

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Good to here you could help a friend.

Did you happen use this recommendation to ensure adequate coverage for the Kansas location when ordering her phone? .Can I Place an Order and Get Good Service for an Area Other Than My Billing Address? – Republic Help