Switched from Moto G5 Plus to a Pixel 3a today - WIFI Calling Service & Republic Messaging Not Connected

What phone do you have?
Pixel 3a

What plan are you on?
Text Call + 1 gb
Does your plan include data, or just talk & text?
Includes 1gb data

Issue Description

Switched to a new phone today. It’s been 10 hours since I inserted new SIM card. Ran diagnostics and had the following result:

SIP Connected: FAIL: isVoipConnected=false isWifiConnected=true

MQTT Connected: FAIL: false

Also, my old phone (without a sim) still receives texts over wifi, but can’t send them.

What do I do to fix this? I need texts.

Have you tried a A network settings Rest followed by Refreshing the Republic Activation AND then a reboot of the phone.


I have not. I’ll try that now. Thank you for responding. I’ll post my results after I have.

Is the SIM from your old phone GSM?
As only GSM SIMs can be moved to a new phone.

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I did the reset and my texting is working. Hooray! Thank you! And the diagnostics passed.

However, my SIM is a CDMA. But it seems to be working now. Do I need to get a new SIM? I’m about to leave on a trip tomorrow and I’m worried. There might be a problem.

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If calls in and out and texts and LTE (off wifi) service is working as intended, then you should be fine.

I forgot that under certain cases, u can move a CDMA SIM.

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Hi @betaboy,

I’m not following parts of this conversation, and I want to be sure we’re not creating a bigger issue or even confusion for others who may read it later.

You said in your first post that you inserted a new SIM card. This would suggest it is a GSM SIM card, unless you’ve been working with our Help Team.

But later you wrote,

Active CDMA SIM cards cannot be moved from phone to phone.

I don’t think the SIM card in your new Pixel is a CDMA SIM card. You can check on by following these instructions:


Hi, I took the old SIM from my Moto g5 plus (which I had been using for 2 years) and put it in my Pixel 3a. According to my phone, the SIM is 19 digits and starts with 89012. The phone is seemingly working, but I’m on WiFi now. I went to my RW account and the listed IMEI is for my new phone. Do I need a new SIM? Seems like it’s working okay.

Hi @betaboy,

Thanks for the details. You have a GSM SIM card which can be moved from phone to phone. You do not need a new SIM card. Have a great trip.


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