Switched to T-Mobile prepaid

Initially, no. I had the 2020 Moto G Power. I upgraded to the Google Pixel 4a 5G and it’s an amazing phone.

I noticed the difference as soon as I put T Mobile SIM card in my Republic phone. Calls connected quicker, louder, clearer, etc …

I made the switch to TMobile’s $15 connect plan… and since the fees (minus $11 MA state tax) seem to be buried in that $15… those alone were over $40 a year… see below.

I’m getting an extra 1.5 gigs a month, hopefully a better spam blocker, AND saving $63 a year over Republic’s annual plan (1 gig) @ $255… and those fees were quite extensive…

911 Surcharge $18
Federal compliance fee $5.64
Federal universal Service Fund $20.47

This is NOT the way it’s suppose to work… the cheaper plans were to come from the smaller companies… not the Big Guys.

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I use Venmo and Paypal on my RW phone. So not sure why I can but others cannot.


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I am suspicious of the apparent lack of fees. These fees are mandated by the federal government. If you look at the Connect Plan web page, it states “taxes and fees are additional.”

I think there is no free lunch here. Please set me straight if I’m wrong!


I know fees are included in TMobile’s more expensive plan… but I read that too… and I had that list of fees I was paying when I went in.

They said it was only MA sales tax and looking at my first bill for the first month… it was just $15 plus MA sales tax… and $10 for the SIM card. No activation fee beyond the SIM card.

I need to hear from others… what their experience was.

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But it’s just so redonculasness.

I’ve been using Zelle, Google pay, Venmo and Zelle is actually owned by the Banks and they are planning to dominate the market as they always do.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again.

Pixel 4XL is amazing :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

My family have used the Moto series many different phones since 2013 when we arrived at republic wireless.
They were great to save money especially for kids and wife’s dropping them all the time.

Ever since we got Pixel 4 XL reception has been off the chain :sunglasses:

I find it funny that the number one important thing people want in a phone is the camera. :camera_flash:

Thanks republic wireless and Motorola for saving me $$$$ thousands of dollars over the last 8 years.

Now both of my phone plans are Free :free::relaxed:

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That’s so strange.
My Zelle account allowed me to use my email which is much harder to hack.

I have heard so many stories about people using a cell phone number for banking and they were hacked by a family member or friend.

I only use it for secondary verification.

Although, at this point I don’t think any of the application money transfers are protected. Read the fine print. Once you push send it’s on you. :thinking:
It’s like a debit card.

In certain circumstances I will send $5 to verify the recipient. Especially when doing $1000++ transactions.

If security is important. Only use a credit card with full dispute protection.
USAA is a great example of this.

Good luck :four_leaf_clover:

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I’m reminded of a quote from the book - The Power of Commitment author - Douglas Yeaman

“Doing what doesn’t work, doesn’t work.
Getting better at what doesn’t work, doesn’t work.
Doing more and more of what doesn’t work, doesn’t work.”


“The only change in thinking that can change your life is the change of thinking that follows the transformation of the thinker.”

Or my personal favorite is a quote he likes from:
William H. Murray

“Until one is committed, there is hesitancy, the chance to draw back, always ineffectiveness. Concerning all acts of initiative (and creation), there is one elementary truth, the ignorance of which kills countless ideas and splendid plans. That the moment one definitely commits oneself, then providence moves, too. All sorts of things occur to help one that would never otherwise have occurred.”


I tried Tmobile for… 1 day, yes ONE day. I dropped them like a hot potato. Trying to sign up took ALL DAY with 3 people trying on their end and me on mine until some guy finally did get the form through. Then it turned out I was given a Verizon number and they couldn’t figure out how (thanks to the guy who finally got the form through after being in touch with the ALL DAY… ths iwas 10 am to 7 pm it took to just get signed up (should have been a sign to me that things weren’t going to go well.

I was lied to about numerous things that they would provide for me to help me as a Deaf Customer: i.e. TTY and Call forwarding, they assured me both were avaiable to me, until I signed up for service, then when I couldn’t find either working, the next person said no they aren’t available. Someone obviously just wanted their commission.

While you can call their CS, they are not helpful nor do they care to be and you have to jump through hoops to get to the person who actually can help you and even that help is subpar.

As for their $15 for 2.5 GB data, thats only a temporary promotion and will be raised at some point soon. I pushed them hard to get them to finally admit to me that it is only temporary and the price will change eventually to a higher price and/or less data for that amount.

Then after all the headaches with them (thankfully I didn’t port my number and was trying them on an extra phone I had) when I wanted to cancel it was a nightmare. I had to go through 5 people before someone decided they would give me the refund I was due (you can get a full refund in the first 20 days if you cancel within that 20 days and I was cancelling my FIRST day). THEN… the person that supposedly was cancelling my service and giving me a refund never actually did it.

Finally someone did a week later and I did get my full refund.

Being able to call customer service doesn’t mean better customer service. Their customer service is the worst I have ever had to deal with (even worse than Verizon). Don’t let that $15 for 2.5 gb fool you… it’s not going to last.

Oh and as for banking, zelle, etc, I can do those with RW with no problem, I think some of that has to do with how your bank has it set up because through my bank I have no issues.

I use Venmo too, but wonder if we were early adopters and so “grandfathered in”? I had huge problems with Zelle.

I use two bank apps and have no problem with banking on my Moto G7.

I have no idea. But glad it works for me.

If you are considering trying Tmobile DONT. I had them the one day, dropped them after a fight they finally reimbursed me (their policy says they will reimburse you if you cancel their service within 20 days and I cancelled it in 1 day) and then… this month… today… is a charge on my bank account for Tmobile! I just got off the phone using a captioning app because i am deaf, they transferred me to 3 different people who couldn’t even find my old account to cancel their charges. After 2 hours, i finally went to my bank and they removed it and blocked them from accessing my account. If you ever decide to cancel their service that alone is a hassle enough, but then they still want to take money from you as well even when you aren’t their customer. I didn’t try them because of any major issues with republic wireless, i tried them because they said they had call forwarding which would make it easier to forward calls to my caption apps ince I’m Deaf but they lied about that too… i’ll stay with republic wireless, let calls go to voicemail or deny them, then they ring through to my caption app where if i still don’t answer it has its own vm.

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Hi @rebecca.b,

I hope you don’t mind my attempt to clarify some points for others who may be reading here.

What Republic refers to as voicemail forwarding is a form of call forwarding. Specifically, Republic’s voicemail forwarding is call forwarding on no answer (or call rejection) and works precisely as you’ve capably described.

I’ve used T-Mobile Prepaid in the past for a household iPhone. At least on iPhones (and I would presume Android) T-Mobile does offer some form of call forwarding. Given my own experience with T-Mobile Prepaid support, I am not at all surprised, however, they were apparently unable to properly explain how to use it nor am I surprised at the general incompetence you describe. It mirrored my own experience and is why the referenced household iPhone is no longer with T-Mobile Prepaid.

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hi roland

Tmobile offers exactly what RW does for android with their prepaid. It works the exact same way, but you can’t put the innocaptions app number into all of the slots with Tmobile like you can with RW. I find that Tmobile vm forwarding, it only allows you to do it for certain circumstances.

Also, if you try to cancel tmobile, good luck doing it without a fight or hassle. I had to call them 6 times just to cancel my service and then this month, they tried to charge me again. When I called them about that they kept saying they had no record of an account with me and I told them that is the problem. I don’t have an account with you yet you are still taking payment from me. Thankfully my bank took care of it and didn’t pay them in the end and won’t in the future.

Their customer service is horrible.

It seems T-Mobile’s IT is also horrible, hence the recent 40 million cats out of the bag to anyone with enough cash to want all the personal info. I believe the current price for a copy of T-Mobile’s 40 million customers’ personal information is US$250,000 which is several lifetimes worth of ID theft for one black hat customer to use.

The only solution is “Vigilance, Potter!”.

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I saw that and am glad they don’t have an account for me anymore. I will remain with RW. We have been with them about 8 years now. So far it’s been good.

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I’ve never had a problem with Bayport credit union.

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