Switches between WiFi and Cellular often and randomly

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Moto e4+
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My Choice + 3GB
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Issue Description

My phone seems to be dropping wifi, going to cellular, then back to wifi, etc. I can sit at home in the same place and it cycles randomly. Wifi signal is fine and strong. Sometimes it just connects, ‘rainbow’ not filled in, then it is filled in. This is something I have noticed just recently. I am at the latest update. I have not noticed calls being affected.

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I have a couple of suggestions to try.
First, please try rebooting your phone AND router.

Second, If your phone is connected to the 5ghz band of your router, try connecting to its 2.4ghz band and see if it helps.

  • When it connects with the RW Arc not filled it is indicating either on Cell or no network connection, you would need to do a 1 finger swipe down and see what the RW Notification says, the color of and as the filled/not filled state of the RW Arc

I have power cycled my phone, but I notice this happening when I am at different locations also… but let me reboot the router and give it a try. I am usually connected via 2.4 but I have noticed it connecting to the 5… but then it ‘drops’ and reverts back to 2.4.

Ok, let me look at the Arc next time. I do know that Spectrum has been messing with the bandwidth here… I am a cable-cutter and used to run wireless to my Roku’s but recently hardwired to Ethernet. Every now and again I see buffering then run a speedtest and see my download speeds have been slowed. However, in the other suggestion I have seen this switching other places (stores, etc… Will read the links you suggested.

For testing, please… on your phone, “forget” the 5ghz network. That should stop it from fighting back and forth.

Interesting, So far after ‘forgetting’ the 5G I have not seen the dropping of Wifi… but will keep an eye on it. I was running nPerf performance test and it would fail occasionally with an error message that the test requires the wifi to ‘stay’ on a single speed (i.e. 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G). Not sure why when it was connected it would feel the need to ‘switch’ unless the 5G was considered primary and it would automatically drop 2.4 and reconnect to 5?

Just wanted to follow-up that I have not had the problem since forgetting the 5G. Thanks!

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Thanks for the follow-up feedback. I did a check of the Moto e4+ specs in GSMarena and see that it’s Wi-Fi is 802.11 b/g/n and it utilizes Mediatek MT6737 Chipset. As 802.11n/WiFi 4 is older than the current 802.11ac devices I would expect less performance.
A Tips & Tricks article by @louisdi provides a good Understanding Wifi Types & Capabilities

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